Jan 082014

XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!Hello Mr. Freeze


 We’re talking 50 below windchill factor was Monday night! As my hubby says, “This is snugglin’ weather”!  LOL

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Ooops!  Before I forget I would like to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to a very special man!  “MY DAD”!  He would’ve been 91 today, but the Lord took him from us in 1980 and he was only 57 yrs. old and died of Lung Cancer.  I sure do miss my… Hey Man!  (when the word Man came out we called each other “Hey, Man! hehehe – a joke).  He knew the answer to everything & if he didn’t he found a book that would tell him the answer, and yes I was a daddy’s girl)!  I miss you Man!  Happy Birthday!  Love you, your Dolly always!
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  6 Responses to “Mr. Freeze brrrr!”


    It’s been wicked cold here too in IL. You’re right, makes for good snugglin’ weather. I have to say though, I’m soooo ready for spring.


    It’s been absurdly cold here, too! And I don’t like it one bit.


    I know what those are! I have plastic ones for my Christmas tree. I feel so sorry for you guys. While you are freezing, we have been in the high sixties. My face even got a bit sunburnt.


    Happy Birthday to your daddy who is no doubt partying in heaven with the angels today, right? Holy cow, 50 below zero!!! That really stinks! I would not be able to handle that kind of weather. Tuesday morning it was 1° and I thought that was horrible. I’m just a delicate southern flower, right? lol BTW, I did link up but it’s not showing up at the moment. Oh well, do stay indoors where it’s warm and be very careful if you have to get out. Baby, it sure is cold outside! Happy WW!


      Thank you Cathy. You are truly a good friend. Yes, I bet he is partying with my Mom, brother and grandparents and the Angels. Thanks for mentioning it. I miss him big time. Oh yes, my dear you are the most delicate of southern flowers 🙂 HAPPY WW


    Happy Birthday to your dad, I bet he heard you say it. 🙂

    And that sure IS cold. We’ve got it too!!

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