Jan 222014

XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!Hello Mr. Freeze

You bet your sweet you know what… I LOVES this kind of ice!  Well, my hubby just gave me my Christmas present & and how he got it doesn’t matter.  Long story! Having done what he wanted, there’s 4 more things he’s going to do to it.  I’ll tell you what that is later.

Hubby & I were talking one day & he said what have you always wanted & never got?  That one wish that never came true.  I know I said something stupid first or funny, but when I finally got serious I told him no one ever bought me an engagement ring.  Guess no one ever loved me enough.  Just one little ol’ engagement ring & with a real wedding band & a real proposal down on one knee the whole routine!  Not rings from K-Mart 🙁

 I bought a wedding band a few years ago, and had my mom’s cocktail ring stones put it in it.  5 diamonds in the middle, & 2 rubies on either side.  I think she would be happy that I did that for myself and wear something of hers always.  Thanks mama!  Last Thursday we went for a ride, and stopped at the Jewelers in the neighborhood & I said whatcha gettin’ a battery for your watch?  He mumbled something, and I asked if I could come in too, and he said I’m only gonna be a minute, but okay come on.   I was looking around at all the beautiful jewelry & he said to me I’d get down on one knee,  but I probably couldn’t get back up & then…  “Marie, holding my hand would you marry me?”  At first I said NO you silly!  LOL  Cut it out, but I could see he was embarrassed, and I said, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” and he slipped this on my ring finger.  OH BOY!   YES YES YES!

Dang, 63 yrs. old & I just got my first engagement ring, but isn’t it GORGEOUS!??
See my wedding band – thanks to my mom! I think of mama every time look at it!

Valentines/birthday Mom’s wedding ring I’m using the tiny ones on either side of her stone.   So soon there will be 2 more diamonds on either side of this stone & more of Mom will be with me.  I can hardly wait.  I’m the luckiest girl in the whole USA.  I’m so very happy!  Oh crap! LOOK OUT DOLLY’S CRYIN’ AGAIN.  LOVE YOU DAVE!  MY SOULMATE!  I have never been this happy in my whole life as a woman!  Thank you for making my world bright & no more locked doors! Sharing with all my very good friends!


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  10 Responses to “Brrrr But Mama loves this kind of ice!”


    Now if that isn’t one great love story I couldn’t tell you what is! Regardless of how long it took, you were meant to get this special ring from your soulmate now, at this point in time. That’s part of what makes it so special 🙂

    It’s beautiful and he did a wonderful job!


      Thanks baby girl, but there’s 4 more tiny stones coming like on my wedding band 2 on each side of the engagement ring stone. Yes, he does have good taste, and he designed it. 🙂 Yeah, a long time waiting, but well worth the wait for such a good man, that keeps me laughing! By the way he’s at MOODYmedia now just to let you know.


    What a sweet story! I’m so happy for you:)


    Aww that is just a beautiful story and happy you are happy!
    Dave gets brownie points for this one!


    Ohhhhh Marie! You brought tears to my eyes! I’m so happy for you!! Dave’s definitely a keeper, but then again, you knew that already. 😉 LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bling! You SO deserve it!! 🙂


      Now Stacy you’re passing those tears around. Cut it out. That was so sweet of you to say. I can hardly wait until it’s finished, but I’ve waited this long I can wait a bit longer. bling bling hahahaha I never thought of that and I love bling bling as everyone knows. hahahaha HUGS


    That is just so sweet! You are definitely one lucky girl!


    That is a gorgeous, gorgeous ring!


    That Dave is one of a kind! And aren’t you happy he knew you were just kidding about the first thing you answered with!
    Congratulations and lots of love!


    You waited a long time, and you surely deserve it!

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