Jan 262014

Here is my church that’s called “Holy Cross”, and it’s right here in Batavia, Illinois off of a main road.  Today I could not make it.  Hubby was up all night being a worry wort about so many things and well it did snow about four or five inches last night if not more, and the plows have not come by yet.  Even when they do they plow us in anyway not to mention knocking down our mailbox every year!

This is my church (Catholic) that I go to when I can get there. Between my health and the weather it gets really frustrating. So I do have an infant of Prague and I have candles in from of Him and I prayer there. Just wanted to share with all my reader buddies!

This is taken from the back of the church where I was standing. The last mass on Sunday gets a bit crowded, but I had my walker with me so when I have that I always have some where to sit. ~hehe~ That in front of my is the baptismal section with Holy Water.

I thought I took a different picture, but I guess I didn’t. This is just a better shot of the Baptismal where the babies are Baptized. I miss being there today, but as I said my Infant of Prague will have to do, and here’s one final picture of just that.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST AT LEAST HE’S ALWAYS AT OUR HOUSE!

My Lord is everywhere, so if I don’t make it to His House He’s always at mine. God bless you all!
















This picture is in my home in my walk in closet and the statue I remember seeing while I was growing up back when we lived in Chicago.

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    Happy Sunday to you, Marie. I am having fun with my daghter this week and am not at home. We all had fun going to Mass together.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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