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First of all I have to tell you that office supplies are my thing.  Take this calender up above.  Now what I will be doing is changing this one with my old one because the old one is all over my desk.  It’s huge in other words.  This one I would say an inch small on the sides maybe 1/2 inch on the top and bottom.

I love tablets, notebooks, shiny pens and pencils, and oddball odd pens and pencils.  The collection I have you wouldn’t believe.  If I’m going to take care of our financial paperwork, taxes, and insurances then I have to have everything has a  place and everything in it’s proper place, but then again it has to be neat, prim and proper.  Okay, so I’m a bit particular.  Maybe it was because I was a waitress for 20 years, and then I went back to school and became a legal secretary, and kept going to school and became a legal assistant.  I enjoyed my work, and I enjoy having the proper tools to do my work with.  I also like having the latest thing, and the tools to make it as easy as possible.

I also love 2014 desk calendars because if the appointment or date is not on my calendar don’t expect me to be there.  You know what another plus is?  The font.  Oh yeah, I can actually read it.  You know how some of those ones the letters/numbers or so small you need a magnifying glass to see it?  Well, not no more not with this one at all.  The House of Doolittle RECYLCED saw to that, and that’s another thing I love about the product.  It’s recycled.  Just look at all these plusses, and so does the weekly/monthly business planner ,which is always great to  have especially since not only do bloggers have to keep control of their dates, but I’m also my husband’s agent.  Yes, I said Agent.  He has a Classical Rock band, and I have appointments to keep, and gig dates to keep straight, and not to mention all these pain in the you know where doctor appointments.

Promotional Products
You see they have everything there whew!!!!  Check this next one out!  Can you believe it?  They even have shirts there for heavens sake!
Promotional shirts  too.  Hmmm, maybe some band shirts…   http://www.shopletpromos.com/polo%20shirts/usrch


Well, okay for now I’m going to set up my desk.  I can’t wait.  Everything has a place, and everything in its place!  Have a great day my friends.  Come back soon I’ll have more to show you from Shoplet.com

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  3 Responses to “House of Doolittle Office Product Review”


    I have a calendar on my desk, one on my wall and usually one in my purse. I like you like offices supplies. Always have and probably always will. Great review!


    The big desk calendar turned out to be the most perfext menu scheduler I have ever had. There is so much room to write everything in each box.


    Thank you ladies, and I’m glad you agree with me. Messy desk… messy house… very uncool! They have some good products too. This is definitely NOT dollar store stuff. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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