Feb 162014

Today is Sunday and the Third Commandment of the Christian faith is to “Remember the Lord’s Day”!  Even God rested on the 7th day, so we should let Him rest while we adore him, and pray to him, and thank him for the life He gave to us.


My Dad was not Catholic he was Methodist (Protestant), and this was his favorite Psalm as it is mind.  He use to sing to me in the car when we would take a ride to the cemetery to visit his Mom & oldest brother’s gravesite.  Here they are.  The first is “The old rugged cross” this one is by Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Oh, and by the way my daddy was a very good singer.

And the other was “He walks alone”. This one is by Anne Murray.

God blessmusic angel_FA13

  3 Responses to “Remember the Lord’s Day!”


    Just got home from church. Have a blessed day.


    Love that one by Anne Murray!
    I think it’s sad that the world doesn’t rest on Sundays anymore. Most of our invites are for Sunday, birthday parties are now being planned and my kids have to decline or else they would miss church.
    I am for resting on the Sabbath!
    The only thing I will do today is put the roast in the oven for Sunday dinner with my parents. 🙂


      Well, great minds must think alike, but dinner won’t be with my parents (I wish) they are up in heaven looking down I’m sure. Just me & the hubby and some quality time together!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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