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So, let me tell you a little story here first.  There once was a little boy (my youngest grandchild) that loved his NaNee’s doggy named “Baby”!

My grandson’s birthday is soon.  The feast of St. Joseph’s in March, and a few years ago we got a blessing, and it was this cutie pie right here!  He is so lovable, and all you want to do is kiss him & hug him so much every time you see him.  So this year I got him (drum roll please) the “Marvel Super Hero Mashers”!  Woo Hoo!

He was tickled pink… or shall I say blue he is a boy ya know, and boy he really loved his NaNee lots then!

These heros have arms legs and heads punch to the face good always wins over evil.  Is what he always says!  ~hehe~ Too cute!  He has a bit of a hard time taking the pieces off with his tiny little fingers, but he can do it.  He totally loves these Hasbro Marvel Super Hero mashers combining forces and lending a hand is easier than ever now. Superheroes and the bad guys parts are easily interchangeable from their heads to their arms and legs.

One day “Baby” came up to him, and he didn’t want to play with “Baby” anymore, but “Baby” has her own toy now so all is well!

You see Hasbro’s all new MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS action figure line has their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories.  My grandson has so much fun creating his own scenario between hero and villain, but now they can be a pretty silly looking hero because you can have a hero with a villain’s leg or a villain with a hero’s arm.  All interchangable that makes it a lot more fun.  ~hehehe~  As they say now “A Hero always lends a hand or a leg, or a head!!!

Mix em’ up  silly Heroes & Villians! Totally cool! Ahhhh the imagination of a child! 🙂

We owe it all to Hasbro’s Marvel Super Hero Mashers Mix Em” up Dudes by this little guy here.  You see he’s my “HERO”!

He’s blowing NaNee a smooch! See I told you he’s such a sweetie pie! 🙂



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  3 Responses to “Marvel Super Hero Mashers Review”


    It’s amazing how young children have such vivid imaginations when it comes to play time whether it be a cool new action figure like those or a piece of string and a stick! Lol


    These are just total crazy fun! I know my son will like the Capt America, Iron Man, and the Thor to mash around!


    He absolutly loves them and wants the whole collection for his birthday

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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