Feb 282014

Cook Now I have run out of recipes for right now, but if anyone would like to share theirs.  Feel Free!!!  Just sign the linky so I can come see.

Link up an old picture folks! No rules, other than that.  Have fun!   My friend who normally does this is taking a hiatus so if you would like to hook up with me feel free.  Feel better soon Cammy!  Luv ya girl!  And kiss those adorable babies for me.  Now, on your left are my four children in 1982… my babies!  On the right are my four children (can you pick them out?), and their children (one grandson is missing) in 2009.  Sign the linky above and let me come and see your Flash from the Past!  🙂

This week we’re exploring the Letter H!

Well, in my life H stands for HOME!  All my life except for when I was little I had to pay for someone else’s mortgage and it sure feels good to pay my own now.  I love my home so much.  It’s not a house it’s our home because there’s so much love in this house you can never understand how I feel unless you’ve walked down my path!  I’m so happy in our lovely home.  Thank you God for Giving me my wonderful loving Husband and our beautiful Home!  We Honor You in our Home too besides God’s Home.


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Have a great weekend everyone!bb rocks xmas dolly

  8 Responses to “Recipe Time, Flash from the Past & Let’s be friends!”


    You have such a great looking family! We are going to have (hopefully) lots of rain tomorrow. Knowing our climate, the wind will come up and blow it all away as it usually does when it’s supposed to rain. I would just love for it to rain. I really like to just sit and watch the rain fall. The desert smells so wonderful when it rains – no place else has this certain sweet smell that comes from a wet desert.


      Oh, I love watching it rain. Sometimes I’ll stand by my bedroom window with it open of course and watch. I love sleeping with the window opening, and it raining. Love Love Love the fresh air! Another thing we have in common my friend!


    H- for a healthy home! Something I’m very grateful for minus my dealings with a sinus infection! Have a great weekend!


      First of all, you are so right! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you feel better soon my friend. You have a great weekend also, and to all my other friends that comment today Have a Wonderful Weekend! HUGS!


    I’m definitely not coming over to your house then cos I’m hungry LOL


    I don’t got any recipies as well all I got is some great tunes posted today.


    darling blog! Have a great weekend!


    Look at that big ol’ family you’ve got yourself there Dolly! I love the transformation from one picture to the other 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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