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The Ozeri tower fan comes with a manual booklet with very simple step-by-step instructions.  Even a page for trouble-shooting, but I highly doubt you’ll have any problems.  This fan is a state of the art as far as I’m concerned.  Also, there is a page for your one year Warranty for the original owner Information with the Ozeri Customer Service phone number and e-mail address.

Our fan has a remote control compartment with Control Panel.  It also has a LED display that shows the temperature also.  There is also a base that when you put the two halves together make sure you chord is through the center whole, and unscrew the screws at the bottom of the fan.  Once you’ve put the two halves together screw the screws back on to the fan from under the base.  Now you do have a remote control, but there are also buttons on the top.  Oh heck, why don’t we let this lady show you!

So, do you know enough about Ozeri 360 Tower Fan? I love it, and makes a wonderful addition to our home. The best part about it is the difference you can do with just circulating the air in the home for a while, and in the summer you just change the switch, and it cools the home. Wonderful!

Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology

Boasting unrivaled technology, the Ozeri 360 Tower Fan oscillates at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation with 3 whisper quiet speed settings. Utilizing advanced cylindrical motion technology with over 200 noise-reducing micro-blades, the 360 Tower Fan achieves…  Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology… don’t you just love when they talk technology!  Ozeri we love you, and now just for one more shot to the latest member of our household… her fancy buttons!

Another angle of our Ozeri 360 Tower Fan. The buttons to my heart! 🙂

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*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my own 100% honest review.

  4 Responses to “Ozeri 360 Tower Fan Review!”


    We could really use a fan like this to help circulate the air when it gets hot. Looks like it would work much better than out traditional fan that we have.


    That looks like a very nice product to have for sure! My room is completely horrible; in the Summer it’s beyond hot and when Winter hits it’s crazy freezing. I have a small portable heater for the winter but I wouldn’t mind a fan like this for the warmer weather when Summer comes around!


    These look so nice so much better than those giant ugly plastic white one’s this blends in to the back round love it


    Really can’t for the life of me figure out how to set the thermostat temperature on this, can anyone help me out?

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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