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I can remember when my youngest daughter had the father/daughter dance and she cried to me because she didn’t have a date, but I said, “Oh yes, you do”!   As you see her big brother took her to the dance, and she was so happy and they were the most gorgeous couple there.  Aren’t they adorable?  Plus they had a great time, and danced every dance.  Just look at that smile.

Tony & Missy

Then it was Prom time.  Search and search and search until I couldn’t search anymore, and this being my last child I wanted to do the very best I could for her.  I know all this shopping is the best quality time between a mother and daughter, but mama was sure getting tired, and then I finally suggested looking on line (for my poor aching feet).   You see if this was today’s day and age I would’ve said let’s look at JenJen House, where there were so many to choose from.   If I was smart I would’ve looked online first.    So a couple of smoothies later we proceeded to browse more stores.  JenJen House  has all kinds of dresses.  Oh my goodness, so many dresses and so many designs all we would’ve had to do is pick and choose!

Call me old fashion, but strapless?  No way!  A slit up the leg to her panties?  Are you kidding?  Sparkles everywhere? Definitely and within my pocketbook range I hope.  I would’ve definitely picked one out one like this (

prom dress

And naturally she would pick out one way different like this.   (

hot prom

I DON’T THINK SO!  “At 17 yrs. old”, I would’ve said.   Anyway this is what she ended up wearing.   So adorable and she was happy, and so was I.  Although, I wouldn’t have given up the time I spent with her walking everywhere and trying on all the dresses in each store for the world, and she picked out her own dress, and her smile was my reward.   We’ll never forget that time we had together, and we’ll probably talk about it over and over again, and I’ll think back over and over and remember with such fondness and love for my 3lbs. 2oz baby girl that’s all grown up.  sniff~sniff


MissyWhat more can a Mom ask for then some quality time with her loving daughter!  Isn’t she beautiful?

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  2 Responses to “It’s Prom time & JenJen has it all Review”


    Wish I had known about this site a few months ago for my son’s wedding!! I can’t believe the large selection they have for “mother of the groom”. And absolutely beautiful. Definitely book marking JenJen since I have another son to marry off! Thank you for introducing.


    I am amazed at how styles have changed. I am also amazed at what parents will let their girls wear to prom. Seriously, it is unreal!
    Wonderful site though!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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