Mar 092014


Whoa! Will you look at all these neat pens I got in the mail today! Oh my, and look who has his eyes on my pens already! I know one thing the Premium Pen (in my left hand) I received is going right into my purse. He’s scared to go in there! LOL

These are such wonderful office supplies, and I really needed to refill some empty spots on my desk.  When my grandkids come over they love to run to NaNee’s desk and ask if they can color with my Neon Permanent markers on their books, and each other.  hmmm


Check out the different colors on this paper! Are these not cool! You can do so much with them.  Hubby loves to put the title on the CD’s he makes with them not to mention his logo.  I love to use them cards for any occasion!  The Metallic Permanent Markers Dave uses on his musical equipment such as his guitar case because it’s black, and I like to use it on our luggage for the same reason.  One of the biggest reasons I love to use Sharpie’s is because remember the big fat magic markers?  I use to use them on boxes etc.  when I would pack something up such as Christmas decorations, and when I put a word on it it would bleed and smear and you couldn’t read what you put.

I love to get promotional products too.  They sell everything from a backpack down to promotional products such as a cup with your company’s name or just your name alone.  They even sell promotional shirts like maybe you have a bowling team you would like to get the team’s name on it.  They also sell Office Stationary to the UK too.

The Premium pen, Neon Permanent Markers, and the Metallic Permanent Marker is a nice addition to my office supplies.  How about yours?


betty on books b&w MKup_GMT13

*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  2 Responses to “Shopping for Office Supplies at Review!”


    Glad to see that you were able to get these away from the hubby to do your review. These are just too cool of pens.


    You are utterly correct on that. And metallic permanent marker is so cool..

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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