Mar 112014

Bed bugs grrrrrr they give me the willies! Just the thought of them has me searching everywhere, and getting out the ol’ magnify glass to see if I found one. Well, since they have been mentioned more & more lately I have been taking some action because number one I am allergic to small insect bites, so those little buggers are up against (echo effect) Dolly the BED BUG KILLER!!!

I have read that Bed bugs reproduce quickly, so it’s definitely critical in my house to detect and treat any infestation as soon as possible. Take the “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite” QUIZ and download the “5 Must-Know Facts” PDF for a few tips on how to spot a budding bed bug problem.

Now if you suspect an infestation, be sure to contact your Orkin professional who will inspect your home thoroughly and design a treatment that’s right for you. I have had Orkin spray my house every other month from April to October inside and out mainly because of my allergy, but hey I probably would do it anyway because… excuse me here.. hold your ears… I HATE BUGS!!!

Visit or call 877-412-6806 for a free estimate.

One lucky winner will receive a Bed Bug Home Prevention Prize Pack.

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The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.

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    I took the quiz and got: You are a…. Bed Bug Brainiac! My husband travels for his job as a cable lineman and I am always scared he is going to bring bed bugs home from a hotel/motel :/


    Link to my Pin:

    I also liked your Book Dude Pin and repinned him to my Books, Books, Books 🙂 He’s really neat!


    I took the quiz and was a bedbug brainiac.


    I got bedbug brainiac.


    Bedbug Brainiac


    I’m a bed bug brainiac. When traveling, we always inspect the beds to look for traces of bedbugs.


    bed bug brainiac


    Im a bed bug brainiac!!!


    Im a bed bug buff


    I’m a bed bug brainiac


    Bed bug buff


    bed bug buff – not sure if that is good or bad


    I’m a bedbug braniac

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