Mar 122014

XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Springtime???

Are you here?  Are you coming?  Oh no, they said 3 to 6 inches of snow tonight, but I’ve had the windows open for the last two days!  How I love this wonderful fresh air!  Ms. Tulips where are you?  Little birdies tweets I miss them so!  The snow started to melt, and you should see all the dirt, twigs and mud everywhere.  I said to hubby get the hose out that’s the only thing to get rid of this crud!  He says no come here and see the forecast!  🙁  So sad…

Mother Nature must still be mad!

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  5 Responses to “Hello Springtime? WW”


    If spring is mad for your part of the country, then winter was mad at us. We had a really short winter. I just checked out your picture LARGE. It looks so peaceful and sweet. Oh, how I would love snow like that here in the desert. Heck, I just want more rain!!


    Mother Nature is showing her true colors – she’s definitely a woman. lol Isn’t it crazy how you get spring-like weather one day and then winter’s nip the next? Yesterday it was VERY nice here. This morning, I kid you not it was 62°. The bad news is our temps will be dropping all day and tonight we have a 30% chance for snow flurries. I’m ready for the weather to settle down and declare its spring for good. The snow is pretty, but it’s nearly mid-March and this is out of the norm for us. You northerners not so much, but for us this is out of characteristic for this time of the year. Oh well…I do like your snowy picture. It’s gorgeous seeing the snow swirling around in the air coming down to rest on the already formed mounds of fluff. Happy WW!! PS: Do you have a WW badge code?


    We’ve got the same thing going on here. Silly winter weather.


    We also have the same weather now in London although were waiting for payback time next week LOL

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