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                                                                                       Stinky Fumes

Stinky FumesKing of the Wild – Volume I

by Mahamad Ali ElFakir

Elfa Books

Library of Congress Control No. 2013946840

This is a work of fiction.  The events and characters described herein are imaginary and are not intended to refer to specific places or living persons.  The opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions of the author and do not represent the opinions or thoughts of the publisher.  The author has represented and warranted full ownership and/or legal right to publish all the materials in said book.


The story takes place in the dead of winter, and it starts off with an introduction to the Pepper the Skunk’s family & his two adopted rabbit brothers because he came upon them one day in the snow & hunters had taken off their family.  So Peppa’s mom & dad warmed them up & fed them, and they became one big happy family.   Then came Spring, and a party was to be had.  Oh it’s the cutest story I have read in a long time.


I really liked it because it teaches lessons to the children.



Pepper the skunk is looking forward to the annual meet and greet party, where every skunk in the forest gathers to watch the new skunks spray for the first time. Pepper is ready to show off his first spray in front of everyone—but things don’t exactly go as planned! Pepper is embarrassed and upset to discover that he is different from all the other skunks. He worries that this means he is not a true skunk, but when his friends and family are faced with the threat of coyotes, Pepper realizes that being different can actually be a great thing.

Join Pepper in his heroic adventure to try to save the skunks of the forest from coyotes. Will his differences help him or cause him to lose the battle? Find out in Stinky Fumes—a fun-loving and exciting adventure that reminds us how unique and wonderful we all are.


Stinky Fumes:  King of the Wild – Volume I  by Mahamad Ali ElFakir  on is the place to purchase this wonderful book!

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    What a cute little story! The illustrations are nice, too.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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