Mar 142014

Appetizer Day! Not sure if I showed this before, but if I did sorry here it is again!

Not sure what it’s called either, but it sure is mmmmm GOOD!

Chicago 1944
1944 – the brown one looks like Grandpa’s car.  I bet it is.  LOL

Link up an old picture folks! No rules, other than that.  Have fun!   My friend who normally does this is taking a hiatus so if you would like to hook up with me feel free.  Feel better soon Cammy!  Luv ya girl!  And kiss those adorable babies for me.  


 This Week’s Theme – Anything Goes

Share something you’ve done recently that
You haven’t done in a long time!
Well, you know usually it’s the same-o, same-o around here, but I can say that yesterday I shoveled snow off our porch (there was only a bit), and I haven’t done that since 2006!  It’s melting today, but could be is that weather is in the mid 60’s today, but it’s going down again 🙁
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Have a great weekend everyone!bb rocks xmas dolly

  One Response to “Recipe Time, Flash from the Past, and Let’s be Friends!”


    Your Mexican appetizer looks yummy and so easy to make. I am going to have to try it the next time we have company.

    Is the picture taken in Chicago? I love old pics and seeing how life used to be.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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