Mar 182014

frownDo you have sinus pain?  I sure do.  I remember one time I was flying to see my mother.  She lived in Las Vegas, Nevada at the time, and my daughter & I was surprising her for Christmas.   Well, after being up in the air for a while I got stuffy, and my head started pounding, and I was a mess.  It was like this pain in between my eyebrows just wouldn’t go away, and on the sides of my nose.  I took some SUDAFED® because I’ve had this before, and I took it once when I was sick, and then I spotted SUDAFED® for sinus problems, so I tried it, and it did the trick so you just don’t fix something that’s not broke, and I’ve been taking it ever since.  If I didn’t have that with me my trip and the surprise would have been ruined.

So many times my sleep has been interrupted by sinus problems, and my dad had sinus problems too.  He use to use that spray stuff for his nose, and he used it so much he made the inside of his nostrils raw & then he really had problems.  Mine has only really caused me major headaches, and a very painful area at the top of my nose on either side, and like between my eyebrows.  I found SUDAFED® that worked for sinuses when I was looking for that SUDAFED® cough syrup for my kids, but then I found the medicine for Sinuses and thought I’d try it.  I swear by it, but don’t try it just because I say so ask your doctor first like I did.


So all my fellow Sinus sufferers you can enter to win a SUDAFED® REPLAY™ to relive your most regrettable, missed out moments by simply describing that moment you missed or suffered through due to sinus pain and congestion on the SUDAFED® REPLAY™ app on the SUDAFED® Facebook page.  Then fellow Sinus sufferers you will be entered to win a $250 gift card for such experiences as a Flight Replay, Sporting Event Replay, or Movie Replay. The sweepstakes is open through April 6, 2014.  Isn’t that exciting.  When did  you ever have such an offer?  So let me repeat:

“Share your story of an activity or event that you missed out on or suffered through due to sinus pain and congestion on the @SUDAFED Facebook page here: to enter for your chance to #win SUDAFED REPLAY™ $250 gift card to re-do that specific experience with a $250 gift card! #sweepstakes #ad” …  GOOD LUCK!

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Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this Post is 100% my own and a small monetary compensation was given.  Your experience may differ from mine.   and I am working with and on board the SUDAFED® campaign & is hosting a sweepstakes.

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    Sudafed – just the stuff I have been really taking a lot of the last few weeks. I think I had a little sinus infection, and it has finally pretty much cleared up.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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