Mar 242014

And so it begins …

My husband is putting together my new Mobile Computer Work Station from  I can hardly wait until he’s finished with my stand-up desk!  I can see it’s going to be nice, and compact, and fit just right into my office, and that’s exactly what I needed.  I always have so many projects going, and having my computer tower & screen running at my big desk, and my Work Station right next to me, and able to reach my Lap Top with just a twist of the chair is going to enable me to get much more work done without having to change windows, and search for it, and no mishaps of erasing!  Woo Hoo!  The biggest thing is that my office does not look cluttered, and actually looks more up to date with more modern equipment to be put to good use!  I am so lucky to have gotten this.

Now being a retired Legal Assistant/Paralegal I started as a Legal Secretary, and while I went to school I was working at a Law Firm called Klein, Spidale & Winn (Firm has folded).  I was very organized.  Everything had a place, and everything in it’s place kind of person.  When I would get the mail I would thumb through the magazines for Promotional Products being as I did all the ordering of supplies, and Office Supplies to me had to be perfect.   The only thing I didn’t order from a office supply house was the office stationery I had to have everything that I used & nothing more.  I feel that same way about my home office.  So check this out all done!

Wahhhhh  Laaaaa

Isn’t he special?  Ooops I mean isn’t my Stand up Desk so very special!  I would love to thank my sponsor myself, but maybe this will do.


betty on books b&w MKup_GMT13


*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.   I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  7 Responses to “Mobile computer Work Station Review”


    oh this looks wonderful, love that it is on wheels as well, this would be perfect to take my pc from room to room too… lucky you, enjoy!


    Hi Marie, I love your new work station and I looked over your music link party. It was fun listening to some of the music! Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your new work station. What a nice hubby!


    Very nice. I love the height and the space available for a tablet or a desk top computer. The Shelf below gives nice space for a tower or a printer. With the limited space that so many have in rooms this desk is ideal for students. Thanks for the review we’ll be looking into getting one for the kids once they are ready for one.


    This is really nice! Now you can go almost anywhere – the most comfy places, to do your computer activities. Lucky you!


    This would make a perfect gift for my grandchildren to have so they could use the computer right in their room without taking up too much space.Then, mom could use it and roll it into the living room. Great review!


    I need one of these. Seriously, I do. I do not have enough space in my work area and I just organized too!

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