Mar 262014

Good Afternoon everyone or whatever it may be.  I hope you all are doing fine today.  I’m doing great, and do you want to know why because now I have a new desk chair I was really, really needing.  My last chair was broken, and leaned forward much too much.  You see my office supplies & equipment is very important to me because I spend a lot of time in here, and they have to be just right.  When I get the promotional products pitched to me I’m very careful, and what I choose.  From promotional shirts for the band right down to my office stationery.

My husband put it together quite easily, and in no time at all.  The chair is quite modern, and it sort of reminds me of the desk chair I had at the law firm I worked at.  This office chair would be perfect for receptionists, and secretaries and the like.  I love it in my office and it’s so very, very comfortable between it’s high back, and arm rests I cannot express more on such relaxing features it has.  Easy adjustable height, and adjustable arms and really it doesn’t need a cushion, but because of my back not taking chances right now.


  • Basyx VL531 High-Back Work Chair
  • Form and function combined.
  • Dramatic mesh back design offers cool, breathable support.
  • Mesh seat cushion has two layers of padding for increased comfort.

I’ve had a few Office desk chairs, and in comparison this one is the best for my needs.  Easily movable, and adjustable that even someone with limitations can do it.  The chair not being leather or plastic makes for better comfort temperature wise.  I’m not sticking to the chair if it gets to warm in here in other words.  I hate when that happens.  Yes, one cannot go wrong with this one for sure!   I think this one will be staying around for a very long time.  Now here’s something for you with a little bit more closer look.  I hope you enjoy.

BettyBoopReads W.pickles_GMT13

*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.   I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  5 Responses to “Basyx High-Back Desl Work Chair by Hon Review”


    My goodness, you got the portable desk and now a chair from Dang, I could sure use a new chair at my computer. The seat pad that I won from you helps, but a new chair would be wonderful! Looks good, too!


    I have been just using a laptop now but this is a nice chair and I too like that you won’t be sticking to it in the heat and all


    That looks great!


    Dang! I need one of these too.
    That hubby is sure having to work for his keep. LOL
    Glad you have been getting all this new stuff.

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