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CookHere’s a short one for you.

 I know I’m very late today so here’s a quicky for you.  Hope you like it.  I got it from a dear friend of mind.


 This NO BAKE CAKE is like heaven in your mouth!  It’s just that good, and you don’t even have to turn on the oven to make it!! Easy and Delicious is always the best!!! You’re going to want to share this one!!


1 Box of Vanilla Wafers

1 Can of Crushed Pineapples with Juice

1/4 cup Lemon Juice

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 package of coconut

1 (8oz) Container Cool Whip

1 small jar of cherries

1 cup of pecans (optional)


Layer the bottom of dish with Vanilla Wafers. Mix in a bowl the lemon juice and condensed milk, then add the pineapples and mix all together. Pour this over the vanilla wafers in the dish. Add another layer of the Vanilla Wafers on top of the pineapple mix. Then top with cool whip, and coconut and cherries. Refrigerate overnight. Serve and Enjoy!

Note: You can replace coconut with pecans if you’d like.

This good big brother is my first grandchild and he’s going to be 25 this Monday.  He’s still a great Big Brother too!  So proud of him.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!  NaNee Loves You!  He gave me that name.  It should’ve been NaNa, but it came out NaNee, which is find with me.  My Ryan
And this is him today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY – LOVE YOU!
Link up an old picture folks! No rules, other than that.  Have fun!   Sign the linky above and let me come and see your Flash from the Past!  🙂

Well, I guess it’s anything goes week at Friendship Friday

 So how about this week I ask you to leave a comment on any my reviews.  They are looking mighty bare!  If you leave a comment & tell me you did I’ll come by you & do the same!  THANKS EVERYONE & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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  5 Responses to “Recipe Time, Flash from the Past & Let’s be Friends”


    Thanks for hosting Marie! My how time flies – awesome photo and memory shares! Happy Friendship Friday to you! 🙂


    Thank you for the invite! I always love finding new parties! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


    Is your no-bake cake as good as the Kit Kat that I am enjoying right now? Sounds like it. I have been craving donuts, but the hubby wanted candy. I have to wait until Easter now for some home baked goodies. Perhaps I can get him to fry up some donuts.


    Thanks for visiting CMB, Marie. How fun to visit you and enjoy Christmas year round. Thanks for the great recipe and fun pics. Enjoy the #UBP14. I love this yearly opportunity to make many new friends. Blessings!


    That looks like a fantastic recipe to try! And the fact that it’s no bake makes it that much better 🙂
    And of course happy early birthday to your grandson!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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