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Yep, and I bet you thought I was kidding you.  LOL  Nope, Gortons is really having a Grand Prize Sweepstakes of $2,500!!!  WOO HOO The dates are March 3rd to April 21st at Gortons.com (gortons.com/special-offers/promotions) or it’s at their Facebook page too, and as long as you’re there you can like them too 🙂  (facebook.com/GortonsSeafood) .  Also, did you know that Gorton’s has coupons at their website at Gortons.com?  ALSOOOOOOOOOOOOO DID YOU KNOOOOOOOOW that below you can enter a Give-Away for a cool Gorton’s Cutting Board AND two (2) full-value product coupons!

Yep, dinner is on Gorton’s woo hoo, and all you have to do is enter our rafflecopter below.  Look what you can pick:

No, no, no!  You have to cook it like I cooked mine.  We had some Gorton’s Artisan Fillets on buns, with some tartar sauce and lettuce & a slice of tomato.  Sound good?  Well, it definitely was.  In fact, guess who else liked it?

Yes, she was a bad girl, and ate mama’s dinner when I put my plate on the coffee table, and walked away, but when I came back… POOF!  That will teach me to leave great food on the coffee table, huh?  🙁   So, let me show you what we’re having tonight!  It’s all out, and waiting for me to put the ol’ chef’s hat on, but first let me help spread the word about everyone’s favorites like delicious fish sticks (that’s all my kids would eat), and beer battered tenders, including gluten free Grilled Fish, and all new Skillet Crisp.  I LOVE FISH!  mmmm My mouth is watering now & my plate will not be going on the coffee table ever again!  SHEESH!  Now check this out.  Some Tilapia with some sliced tomato with a few drops of olive-oil and garlic powder.  mmm

Mmmmmmm Doesn’t that look tasty?  I cannot wait for dinner… oh, oh, gotta go!  Tummy is growlin’ now!  ~snicker-snicker~

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review. Contest is open to U.S. residents 18 and older and closes at Midnight EST on April 26th. The winner will be selected using Random.org. 

  6 Responses to “Gorton’s Real Solutions Sweepstakes of $2,500 & Give-Away Ends 4.26”


    We LOVE Gorton’s in our house – even the picky eaters gobble the deliciousness down! 🙂


    You take the “Cake” Hon! I gave you Klout on Cake today.


    For some reason the Twitter link isn’t working in the Rafflecopter but I am following Gortons at this Twitter link: https://twitter.com/gortonsseafood

    Thanks 🙂



    We love Gorton’s fish. Eat it all the time!


    we love gortons fish filets


    I want to let you know that I believe you linked the wrong Gorton’s Seafood. I am following this Gorton’s Seafood on twitter as @darkmysticnight https://twitter.com/gortonsseafood

    I just want to make sure I do not lose credit for not following the one linked in the form above. Thank you for the chance to win. I truly appreciate it! Have a great weekend!! =)

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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