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123 Tracing Free educational app. Handwriting and Math Drill in Motion. Baby, Pre-K, Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten children learn digits through fun Montessori activities: numbers spelling blocks, flash cards, patterns, memory games.

123 Tracing is a free educational app. that I downloaded on my Kindle.   Handwriting and Math Drill in Motion is there too.   Baby, Pre-K, Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten children has tons of fun learning digits through fun Montessori activities: numbers spelling blocks, flash cards, patterns, and memory games.

What an awesome app to teach the little ones their numbers by tracing them to get the fireflies into the jar.  They’re so big and colorful, and bright to catch their eye in amazement.  This little guy is my Grandson, and he’s is going to have a great time with this App, and learning his numbers and other things.

EP xmasdolly

The Kids Academy has many books to help your toddler learn many things to get them ready to just fall in place in school, and say I already know my numbers.  I already know my shapes.  They have books as:

  • Three Little Piggies & Big Bad Wolf is an interactive book app and fun games for kids;
  • Learn and trace alphabet letters with game-like activities! Your kids will learn the names of the letters, the sounds the letters make in words, and the letter formation. They will also develop good;
  • The Bingo Song Lite is a fun interactive sing along song with a karaoke mode and an educational activity center for kids; and
  • Montessori ABC Game for kids – Learn letters, phonics and words, start reading, combine education and fun! Recommended for toddlers and pre-schoolers! Montessori ABC Game for kids is an ANIMATED and so many more.

Bugs, shapes and robots is the seventh game in a series of fun educational apps by Kids Academy that many kids, parents and teachers have been waiting for! VALUE & FUN * Learn shapes * Play games and so much more!  You really have to check this out at Amazon.com for your first free app like I did.  You really won’t regret it.  Heck even I had tons of fun… Shhhh Wait a second!  Is that my husband playing on my Kindle?  Oh for heavens sake.  Men are such babies, but that big smile isn’t fake. Hurry now for your children, and to put a big smile on your hubby’s face too!


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    This is a great app for those with small kids. Perhaps it would lead them to homeschool their children? If they find that it is easy to help teach their kids with an app, doing the regular school work is not that hard either. I should know – I have taught my children since 1989.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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