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Holy Saturday is celebrated among the Christians to commemorate the day when Jesus Christ lay in the tomb, after his death. It is a day after Good Friday when Christ was crucified.

Known by different names, such as Easter Eve, Easter Even, Black Saturday or Saturday before Easter, the day is  often considered a time of both sadness and joy among the Christians around the world.

Traditionally considered to be a time of reflection and waiting, Holy Saturday is the last day of the Holy Week and the end of the season of Lent.

Paschal Candle with Alpha and Omega

One of the most important symbols used for the Holy Saturday celebrations, is the Paschal candle, which is made out of white wax and is marked with a cross, an alpha and an omega (the first letters of the Greek alphabet).

White wax is said to symbolize leading people from darkness into the Easter’scelebration, while the Greek letters symbolizes humility in Jesus. The first and last letter of the Greek alphabet is also thought to represent a symbolic display of the fact that Christ is “the beginning” and he is “the end”.

May the Lord bless you with health, happiness and peace!


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    Are you heading to Easter Vigil Mass tonight? The kids want to go tonight. The hubby and I are going to a sunrise Mass at 6:15 in the morning. Happy Easter Marie and Dave!


    Happy Easter Dolly 🙂


      Thank you my friends. Although Dave was raised Christen Scientist he said he will go to my church in the morning, which is Holy Cross a Catholic Church, but we are going together for the first time to pray. I’ve always gone alone or with my children at times or my Mom. We have gone to my church for baptisms, weddings and funerals, but not to mass. Oh, and yes although we did elope, and we were married by a Judge we were married by a priest six months later to have our marriage blessed. Happy Easter to everyone. God bless you one and all & may the Resurrection of Christ resurrect our faith in the Lord, and in each other as friends, and Americans. AMEN

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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