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Come on now, is this too cute or what, and no more using those elbows and guessing if the water temperature is just right for baby!

So folks, yes I am going to be a grandmother AGAIN and I hope for the LAST TIME!  DID YOU HEAR ME YOU KIDS???  This makes number ten, and it’s going to be a boy, Angelo Russell, and he shall be born May 13th, and yes I was invited to be there. Woo Hoo!  Here we go again!  After I get done collecting for  him I shall have to collect for my new great grandchild to be born in October, and I have to start crocheting, but these kids having kids what are we to do?  Well, we can start by protecting our upcoming grandchildren (by the way age is only a number people I was a grandmother at 38 for petes sake ~ rotten kids ~ just kiddin’).  My first grandson was heaven sent, and is the one making me a great grandmother.  Sheesh!  Oops back to our product.  Yes, this ducky is the perfect item to protect our babies from being put into cold of water or too hot!

Isn’t it just too cute!  Hmmm You think anyone will notice if I play with it first :)!  It’s safe & fun for our children (and me), and one of the oldest bath toys I can remember… do you remember?

Safe & Fun Bath Toy with Built-In Thermometer, and constantly displays water temperature in a 3 Screen Colors.  Blue (when it’s too cold), Green (when it’s just right) and Red (when it’s too hot).  It instantly activates in water, and it’s fun & safe waterproof bath toy, floats, submersible, easy to read LCD Screen, checks the water temp every second, sensor activated, no buttons or switches, no annoying alarm sound and compliant with Safety Standards.  WOO HOO   Ages 0+ (constant adult supervision required).  Assembly not required and batteries included.

One more extra treat!


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    I love this. I need to get one for my little granddaughter who will be myway now.


    Congratulations on being a Grandma and a GREAT Grandma again! You definitely have one big family, that’s for sure 🙂 I bet it’s super fun getting together for holidays!!

    This is such a neat product! People are seriously geniuses-a great invention is born out of necessity, right? 🙂

    Great review!


    Congrats again being a Great Grandma! What a cute little product. They sure do keep improving stuff all the time.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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