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How I keep my office/desk organized and Shoplet helps me do it.  I have been use to this for the past twenty (20) some years starting out as a receptionist, and then I got my GED & upgraded to a legal secretary, and then I kept going to school and once my tuition was paid (and my boyfriend at the time, Dave, helped me pay for it) I was finally able to get my diploma which upgraded me toa legal assistant/paralegal.  Woo Hoo  Thank God for a boyfriend.  Thank God for my Dave.  So, this time they sent me this wonderful…

Officemate OIC VersaPlus Functional Desk Organizer

Clip Dispenser

My new Desk Organizer is so cool.  It has two drawers that slide in, and out, and a section for pins or whatever you like, and the other side I put paperclips in.  The middle section I put post-it notes tablet and then it has a clear frame you can put either a calender or a picture.  Also, it has two holders for your pens & pencils, and a section to hold a tablet or this book like a phone book for example.

                                  Clip Dispenser (drawers closed)

See the drawers go in here, and I have my tablet standing in the middle section.

Landscape Clipboard

This Landscape clipboard I could wait for it to get here.  I need to use this when I go gig hopping to check off on the list.  Right now I’m going to check off all the reviews etc that I have to do for blogging.  It will be nice to know what I’m doing for a change.  These are so cool and a great addition to my office supplies to keep me organized.  Such Promotional products are always nice to go through so I can be up to date too such as Promotional shirts  or office stationery.

Well, just thought I’d share with you as to how I keep my office organized.  Thanks for stopping by everyone, and have a great weekend.

betty on books b&w MKup_GMT13


*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    Isn’t that the greatest little desk organizer. I love the picture. I’ll be putting a picture of my first little granddaughter in the holder. She was born today! I am officially a grandma!


    That organizer is nice. And woo hoo for your diploma too. 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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