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Do you like Science Fiction, stories of the imagination?  Do you like to step into another realm and leave the realities of the world behind, and forget all that is real and step into the wonderful world of fantasy?  Then this book is definitely for you.  If you like short stories that builds you up and gives you the wonderful ending in no time at all… then this book is for you.  If you like to be put in a wonderful fantasy place beyond your wildest dreams and be put on the edge of your seat… (deep breath)… then this book is definitely for you!

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A window into incredible worlds of wizardry, warfare and total wonderment. It’s a book of many short stories by new authors that have put there heart & soul into their work to bring us fantastic spellbinding stories that let you escape into fantastic realms of the human mind lurking just beyond our imagination. Science Fiction and fantasy and keep the writers of the future going.


Escape to a world of fantasy, thrilling adventure, and magic that warms the heart!

L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Volume 30 (Celebrating 30 Years)

The Best New Science Fiction, and Fantasy of the Year / Bonus short stories by Orson Scott Card, Mike Resnick & L. Ron Hubbard.

Published by Galaxy Press LLC

ISBN 978-1-61986-265-4


This is a book with 13 short stories of fascinating wonder. It has been said that it’s a glimpse of tomorrow’s stars, and anthology of the best of the best original science fiction short stories and illustrations from the annual Writers of the Future.  So as they say turn the page for a fascinating new future, an enchanting tale of adventure, friendship, and intrigue.

I could give you all thirteen stories titles, but wouldn’t that be giving too much away… well maybe not, but how about I tell you the first story is the one that pulled me in.  Yes, the very first story when a little girl can capture memories from a mirror and draw them on her chalk board.  How fascinating!  Then when the King gives her a bodyguard to find his daughter that she’s not to comfortable with… well you’ll just have to read the rest to find out what happens!  It’s great though and probably one of my favorites.

Thirteen wonderful stories to keep you occupied in another dimension and away from the reality of this world for many entertaining moments.  The release of Writers of the Future Volume 30 is May 6th it will hit the shelves, and you can win one right here if you enter the rafflecopter below.  “2” Winners!

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I was amazed when I requested to review this book because I am not an avid reader to be quite honest with you.  Therefore, I felt not being one, this book should and will get a very honest opinion.  In reading the brief synopsis of this book it was about all the things that I knew would interest me, and keep me awake.   I have been interested in fairy tales and mythology all my life, but this book was different.  I started to read the first story, and I have to admit it started out a bit slow, but then it picked up with a different type of power the girl had.  It was the same way with the second story relating from the very beginning.  As I read further the stories got more and more interesting, and even exciting at times.  The stories  became more of a place that I could go to, and forget about reality, and hide within the realm of the author’s fantasy.  Many of the authors had a way to pull you in with their emotional thoughts, and heartwarming scenes, but yet keep you on the edge of your chair.   At times they were a bit complex, but as you read on you were back in a comfort zone.

This book was highly entertaining in a sense that you could actually feel like you were at the movies.  The authors definitely has a way with words to hold your interest, and I hated to put the book down when I had to stop for a moment for the real world’s chores.  Many a time I thought oh this might happen next or that was going to happen next, and I was always wrong.  What a vivid imaginations of a parallel universes or other places of time, and space of experience of literature.  Many times I was in awe at such twists & turns in the stories, and never would’ve thought it would lead to such a fabulous endings.  Did you ever read a book or see a movie that you said, “Oh, it should have ended this way or that”.  Not these stories!

The pictures in the book only added to the indebtedness of the stories.  Nothing elaborate to take away from the book itself.  They were a perfect addition.


L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Volume 30 (Celebrating 30 Years) is sold at Barnes & Noble or is the place to purchase this wonderful book!


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    There is nothing like a good book that can take you on an adventure to somewhere you’ve never been to or could before.


    WOW!! Fantastic review!


    I think I’ve read one of these before (older volume?) and really enjopyed it. I’d love the chance to own this one! 🙂

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