May 112014

                   Priva Heavy Duty Vinyl Mattress Protector, White
This mattress protector has a unique soft groove surface that’s comfortable while providing complete mattress protection from leaks and soiling.  They said it’s one of a kind heavy duty industrial grade vinyl mattress protector is durable, waterproof and antibacterial. The elasticized sidewalls keep the protector firmly in place.  Up to 300 washes, and it’s machine wash & dryer friendly.  Woo Hoo!
  • Protects entire mattress from liquid spills and soiling
  • Elasticized sidewalls keeps protector firmly in place
  • Unique soft groove surface offers durable waterproof protection unlike any other vinyl products
  • Heavy duty industrial grade vinyl mattress protector is durable, waterproof and antibacterial.
  • Up To 300 Washes. Machine wash and dry-bleachable

I decided it was time for us to start protecting our mattress/box spring and ourselves.  You hear so many things that are going around between dust mites, bed bugs, fleas (we have a dog), etc.  Well, I am allergic to small bug bites and I itch everywhere.  Needless to say we cannot afford to buy a new box spring & mattress every time I feel the urge or get the inclination too!  So, I decided to investigate into to covers, and not flimsy ones to say the least.  This Priva Heavy Duty Vinyl Mattress Protector that I found on was just what the doctor ordered.  Not only did it fit like a glove it didn’t have that plastic smell (that I loth), and it was on in no time at all. For piece of mind this is the right thing to get, and I even sprayed it with a little Lysol just for GP!

Hubby & I put it on in know time, and in the next review I shall tell you about our mattress cover.

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    I like that it’s top quality, not flimsy!

    And I’m here to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


    I remember the ones I had for my kids when they were small. This one sounds so superior than those.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Marie!

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