May 222014

Scented Wool Dryer Ball Packs

Okay, they finally did it, and I don’t have to use my tennis shoe anymore with my comforter.  Yep, they made dryer balls to do it for me instead and it fluffs it up so nicely.  They’re 100% wool, and they make my comforter/clothes smell wonderful.  Plus there’s hardly any of that static cling whatsoever!  The biggest thing NO DRYER SHEET!  I put two balls in there, and they say I can use these balls a 1,000 times.  Totally cool!  These balls are a bit bigger than a tennis ball, but I need to be careful because our “Baby” (Black Lab) l-o-v-e-s tennis balls so if I drop one I’m in trouble.  I had to chase her all over the house for pity sakes!  bwahahahaha!

100% Wool Dryer Balls and they are fantastic for your comforters!  That was the first thing I used mine for!

     All you have to do is throw it right into the dryer and it smells absolutely wonderful.  Now if you are allergic to wool not to worry because so am I and I had no reaction whatsoever!  Isn’t that great.  What I use to do is throw one of my old gym shoes in the dryer to fluff up my comforter, and it didn’t do such a great job believe me, but this ball my comforter came out like I just took it off the shelf at the store.  I’m not kidding you!  Totally satisfied.

All I had to do is read the directions, and I was in like Flynn. 🙂

So you want to know where I got it I bet!  ~hehehe~  Okay, okay, I’ll tell you!  Maple Hill Dryer Balls are made in the U.S.A. & are 100% Wool.  They are especially made to illuminate dryer sheets and fabric softeners, and they reduce your drying time by 25% a load & are naturally colored eliminating harmful dyes and bleaches.  They will decrease static cling as well as fluff up clothing. Stop using conventional dryer sheets that are full of harmful chemicals. The wool dryer balls are 100% reusable and very durable! These balls are made of roving and sometimes have a string of yarn felted to them, but there is no way the wool will come apart after being felted!

Best of all these dryer balls will last for 1000′s of loads. Occasionally, you may want to recharge them by throwing them in the washer on hot and drying on hot.  Is that cool or what?  There are so many other things you can learn about them at there website you really should go check it out.  Click on Maple Hill Dryer Balls above and find all the goodies or you can ENTER BELOW FOR 2 XL dryer balls for a giveaway. Also, my sponsor would like to offer all my readers a coupon code for 20% off that will expire 6/22/2014 with the code: xmasdolly.  THAT’S RIGHT 20% OFF FOR EVERYONE UNTIL 6/22/14 —  Don’t forget the code:  xmasdolly  GOOD LUCK!

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    One of these days I’ll get my daughter some of these dryer balls. Here at home we ‘re exclusive solar drying out on the line, but when I go to my daughter’s with her clothes dryer, I become a little electric generator shocking everyone and me. The extra static electricity that comes from her dryer just makes me even more shocking. Ha!


    I do not have instagram so I could not do anymore past the first one. 🙁

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