Jun 032014

img397_cropMy Dad

Father’s Day!   What does that mean to you?  My Dad is in Daddy’s Heaven, and on Father’s day he use to cut the lawn, and do outdoor stuff and in winter he just laid around… just chillin’… he loved it being a very hard workin’ man (truckdriver).

My husband is just the step-father to my children, but when I married him they had one foot out the door already and two were almost married, and the other two followed suit.  Dave loves to mow the grass if only for the exercise too!  Pulls weeds, cleaning up the garage, and then maybe later a walk around the park with the dog.  Oh fun!

I personally have been trying to muster up some ideas for a “Father’s Day Present” for Dave.  I’ve entered a few give-aways on line like this one just now it was the Strummin’ Dad’s Dream present, and it was all little this and that’s from Gibson.  Woo Hoo!  Wish me luck on that one.  It’s from Guitar chips, strings, a strap, and other things  toooooooo cool!!!


Then of course there’s the favorite being as Spring or no… Summer is upon us with this heat that’s for sure.  A case of cold beer is always nice!  LOL  Then you have the hundreds of email with their special ideas like check this out:

The Free 8×10 OR $40 Off CANVAS just went live for Father’s Day–please take a look…

Father’s Day Canvas: Canvas People – Free 8×10 OR $40 Off (Father’s Day 2014), pays $5.50 and then there’s always every man’s dream…

PureSpa Portable Hot Tub Giveaway #SummerDream

So how about those for some ideas my friends?  Now if my Dad were here there’s only one thing he would want for Father’s Day, and that’s a good meal, peace and quiet and a place to lay his head to nap after a big dinner!  LOL  RIP Dad!  Miss you!

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    I can’t believe Father’s Day is coming up so fast! It just seems like yesterday it was Mother’s Day and now we’re at the beginning of June. Time sure does fly by!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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