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Is HCG Diet Harmful – Making The Right Decision?

There are many ways of HCG administration. You have probably heard about HCG body injections into the body system. The other new way of HCG administration is through the diet drops which are often taken orally. Either way they still contain the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone. This hormone is not really a drug as it is produced by the placenta. Production of the HCG hormone starts during the first trimester. However, both the drops and the injections are manufactured in laboratories.

 How efficient if HCG?

 Too much body weight can affect someone badly by slowing their metabolic system. HCG drops can help your reduce weight significantly and fast. What HCG does is that it helps you keep your appetite in check and thereby getting rid of unwanted fat in the body. It burns down fats by also stimulating your body metabolism such that it will be faster than normal. If you can’t stand the idea of being injected with the HCG then the drops are for you. Generally it’s much easier to handle than the injection.

Your eating habits are very crucial in your weight loss plan and therefore you need practical diet procedures. The Hcg diet protocol is not a magic cure for body weight loss but it helps you attain the right goal. The HCG diet is also very safe as it gets rid of your cravings for bad stuff. Meanwhile you have to work out and practice moderation and be sure of losing weight without so many struggles. Always be mindful of your munchies such that you only take safe bites when your cravings strike. This means that in place of candy or cheesy potato fries which are so bad for your health you opt for apple and carrot stick.

 Accustomed intake habits are the key to weight loss. HCG will definitely help you lose the desired amount of weight safely. The hormone has no side effects as it only pacifies your cravings instantly. Sometimes it can be very hard to lose weight especially if you liked eating too much. Many times the body tries hard to wrestle back in case it is put under intense conditions like the HCG.

A diet plateau can be worrying too many especially if you don’t see the scale moving in the right ways. Once you hit a plateau then you probably need to strategize again on a different approach. Using Hcg diet protocol will never see you be in a plateau phase because your body system will be so adapted to burning fat fast and helping you to establish a constant control of what you eat. There is no other safer way to lose weight than using the hormone.



If you need to lose some pounds in a safe and easy way now you know the weapon. You can easily triumph over the excessive pounds by treating yourself with the best weight loss remedy that is even recommended by the medical practitioners. The big question that has always worried people is whether the hormone is safe. Hcg diet protocol programs are very safe and can be used by both men and women to cut down weight. Basically it all narrows down to how you can manage to keep of the bad foods.

 *Disclaimer:  This is a guest post regarding the HCG DIET, and XmasDolly is no way affiliated with this program.

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    Maybe I will try this. My daughter got me a whole bag of gourmet taffy and I just can’t seem to get enough of them, nor of the chocolates, nor the caramels. I just realized that this house is full of sweets – my granddaughter the sweetest one of all, too.


      I bet she is, and the best sweets to just devour and no calories! Get some of that sweetness for me too would ya!!! Us NaNee’s have to stick together. Are you going to be called Gramma or something else?


    The crazy things we put ourselves through just to lose weight. You never know, this may work too. One can hope, RIght?

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