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Blinded Thoughts
 by Mark D. Leslie – 2014
ISBN 978-0-9914839-0-7 (ePUB)
ISBN 978-0-9914839-1-4 (Kindle/MOBI)
Blinded Thoughts
At a request I ordered said story from Amazon.com as a Kindle story, and I was reimbursed for my honest opinion of this story.

When I was young we moved in a home near what they called “The projects” where black people lived. 47th Street was our dividing line as they called it. I always thought when I was little I felt so sorry for them on one hand and on the other hand I was thankful I was white. I remember back then when they were called colored (which I never understood when I was little they weren’t colored green, pink or purple), and they had to sit in the back of the bus. They were just like me five fingers on a hand or toes on a foot.

This book was about 2 young black men from the Harlem in New York that their lives crossed because of life’s mishaps and fight for survival. Stealing, drugs, fighting, murder and acceptance that this is the way of life in the “Hood”! Let me say this isn’t the type of book I read normally, but I have to say I did relate to it with my own life. These black children are raised from birth the knowledge for survival on the streets like their parents before them, and their parents before them etc.

My thoughts and Opinions:

I will say the book had a slow start, but eventually it finally had me asking questions, and to read further to get those answers. Even some I was amazed at what they had to go through, but I know how the system works, and it doesn’t work for the people especially if you’re black. The ending had a twist, but all in all I really liked the book. It sort of gives you a slap in the face of reality. Mr. Leslie does definitely have a way with words and a way of making the reader really think for themselves.

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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