Jul 092014

XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Summer!

Me & my babies

My oldest son the Coach, and my daughter the Auntie!

me & Niki

And my beautiful granddaughter the great pitcher & short stop & Coach’s daughter! 🙂 Just look at that gorgeous smile 😉

us 1

And NaNee with six of her grandbabies & a great-grandbaby in the oven!

Kayla WW


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Stacy Uncorked
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  12 Responses to “Happy Summer! WW”


    You have a beautiful family, Marie.



    You’ve got a nice looking family, Marie. And yep, that smile on your granddaughter is precious! Hurrah for babies on the way too. 🙂


    I like your family photos Champ 25 heheh!

    Hav a tanfabuloustastic rest of week 😉


      Thank you ol’ boy! Yep, I am the champ because without me all these children would not exist. LOL Whoa on that new word of yours. It has almost the whole alphabet in there! bwahahaha, but nonetheless totally geniustistically YOU! LMAO! Thanks so much for stopping by to all. You have so made my day. I love to see so many people on my linky just to say hi. Bring a friend next time and I’ll probably jump up on the table and do a jig. bwahahahahaha love you all GROUP HUG!!!!!


    What a happy beautiful family you have Marie! Yes happy summer. Enjoy the week.


    You have beautiful family! Have a happy Wednesday. #WW


    What a beautiful family you have! I am holding my little granddaughter as I type. Seems she kept mommy and daddy up all night with lots of smiles. She is currently snoozing in my arms while I let mom catch up on her beauty sleep.


      YOU are such a good, good loving Mommy and Grandmommy to help your daughter this way and spending quality time with both daughter and granddaughter is heartwarming. It’s wonderful that you can have the opportunity to form that bond with your granddaughter, and rekindle the closeness with your daughter too. I’m sure there will be buckets of tears when you have to leave. HUGS


    I always enjoy it when you share your family photos. (I get a little jealous too since mine are so far away)
    hugs sweetie!


      Okay, that’s it! I never want a dear friend to be jealous of me, so we’ll just have to adopt you and make you Cyber-Great Auntie for the grandchildren, which would make you Cyber Auntie to my four children too. So with my Great Grandson due in October my Great Grandchild will be your Great Nephew… yeah, I think that’s the way it goes. CONGRATS & WELCOME TO YOUR NEW FAMILY! hehehehe OKAY NOW…. who else wants in??? LOL HUGS TO ALL!


    l’m glad you had such a good time. Just not into sports. I’m just a rock n’ roll kinda guy! 🙂 I wish to invite all to come and read my new lyrics and give me your opinion. I’m almost finished with my new book of lyrics/poems and I’ll have a new Post about it. Kindle version! 🙂 So excited.


    What a blessing to have all these generations around you!

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