Jul 162014

XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Summer!

Windmill FestivalThis is our Windmill Festival at Batavia, Illinos.  The band was Modern Day Romeos!  They were pretty good.

Windmill Festival dave

Hubby enjoyed too!  He’s so much fun!  He truly needed a break to party.  He’s such a good man & makes me happy!  Love you Dude of Dudes!!!  My Dude!

Kayla WW


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  9 Responses to “Happy Summer! WW”


    Sounded like fun good photo of your hubby heheh!

    Have a rocktasticated week Maria and thanks for somersaulting by, you know what is coming next
    .Don’t do anything I would 🙂


      I must ask… don’t do anything you WOULD? Hmmm I wonder if I would be capable of doing anything you would! LOL Thanks my friend. I always look forward to your wonderful comments and new words of the day! LOL hugs


    Awww husband’s works so hard and yes they need time to relax and chill =) #WW


    That looks like a fun celebration! Summer time is awesome!


    another fun day for both of you 🙂
    I can’t help with your veggie garden, I only do flowers that don’t need mush attention. I would love to grow some fresh veggies, but My allergies get me if I am out digging around.
    stay dry!


      That’s okay, but thanks anyway. When I grow some of those, which I don’t because I’m allergic to bees. Why ask for trouble right? At least I got to talk to you my friend! Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by! Hugs.


    Looks like it was grand fun. I’ve been helping out with the baby all day and didn’t get a chance to post or do anything today. Now I’m tired and hungry now that my little sweet cheeks is finally asleep. Lucille is only about 11 weeks old and has the fighting sleep thing well accomplished.


    Looks like much fun, and your Dude sure looks happy!!!
    Have a very nice rest of the week!

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