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This my friends is a pen and note holder, which I keep on my side-desk which is right next to me.  I especially need this when I answer the phone, and take messages and I need something to write on so I’m not hunting everything down.  It’s write at my finger tips.  It’s also made out of steel so I know it’s going to last me a long, long time and that’s just what I need around here to keep me from getting more aggravated then I need to get.

Now this is my new Tablet Stand to organize my office is what it says, but guess what I use it for.  Well, it sure didn’t become part of my office supplies nor does it hold any office stationery either.  This is perfect for standing up that picture in the frame that… you know those frames with the cardboard in the back to stand it up, but it’s been folded so many times this way and that and it’s just not holding anything up anymore, but I’m too cheap to go out, and buy another one!  LOL  Well, now I don’t have to because this holds my picture up just fine, and will for a very long time!

I Love it!


And last, but certainly not least my favorite item that I’ve been meaning to get for a very long time and I finally have it.  My very own…


Now I was really waiting for this…

Lockable metal storage box great for small valuables with a lock & key…

because first thing that went in here was the Deed to our Home & our Wedding License. After that I have a red velvet jewelry box that I keep my mother’s and grandmothers things in.  They may not be real, but they are important to me, and I also have a small coin collection that I put in there along with my mother’s holy medals.  Another thing I also lock up are my medical supplies that I do not want the kids getting a hold of when they come over.  NaNa don’t allow no accidents goin’ on ’round here!

This fantastic Store- it box features chip and scratch resistant finish and shine for sheer elegance gets locked up tight with the key, and put in a very safe place.  I would say I’m feeling very comfortable with my office now.  All the comforts of everything has a place, and everything in it’s proper place.  Don’t you think so?

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  31 Responses to “The Steelmaster Office Products & #Shopletreview”


    I love that desk organizer. It would be perfect for me!


    You should see me when I walk down the store office supplies isle-I’m like a kid in a candy store! LOL
    These all sound like quite neat and very helpful products, especially that organizer.


    I need that little locking storage box. My son and his friends are forever in my office where I also keep a dresser with my jewelry on it. Not expensive jewelry, but mine jewelry none the less. This would be perfect for them keeping their hands off my stuff. Good idea!


    I love their products. I hope they bring it here to my country. I like that they look trendy, but at the same time they seem to look sturdy – something that I can use for a long time.


    I really need to update and organize my desk. Thanks for the tips.


    I love these. I really like the organizer and the tablet stand.


    I love office supplies so of course I really like all of these products. I too have been meaning to get a lock box. Is this one fireproof?


    That desk organizer looks like something I might need.


    I need to buy a lockable store box. Thanks for the info. Great choices too!


    I love the pen/notebook holder. I’m always losing pens, and can never find one when I need to write. :-/


    My mom is obsessive compulsive about having boxes and stuff to put her notes and pens as well. She has several holders on her office table.


    I was thinking about getting one of these after reading all the great reviews about it. =)


    I def need this in my life haha, thanks!


    I love being organized! It makes knife easier.


    I love the idea of using the tablet stand for the picture. I so dislike when you cardboard get like that and doesn’t hold the picture up. Thanks for sharing.


    We been meaning to get a store it box too, One that is flame and water resistant. Good to keep birth certificate and other important items!


    look cute. I think it looks a bit too manly for my office. I like the red on it though. I think would work with my red wall.:)


    I would love to have that desk organizer, it would make things so much easier on me!


    These look like cool office products! I might have to pick a few up for my husband!


    I love the Store It box! We could really use one of these 🙂


    Love that Store It Box! I really love office products so love this review.


    I am so unorganized and really need something like this! Thanks for sharing.


    I’m an OC person. I like to organize things everyday. I think the storage box, pen and note holder will make my blogging essentials organized.


    i need this because I have a messy desk! and i have a pen on my desk but no paper hahah


    Perfect stuff for organization of things! Thanks!


    We could really use a pen holder, we’ve got all of ours in a plastic Christmas cup, lolol. It’s behind a photo frame, but still… 😉


    I thought the tablet organizer is something where you can put your tablet so you don’t have to hold it. Silly me!!


    I love that desk organizer! Looks like something I need to get asap!


    I really like this. I need stuff to keep me more organized throughout the day.


    I need like 10 of these things, lol they could be used all over the house.


    I’ve got one of those boxes and they’re the best thing ever!! Just hope you never lose the key though lol 😛

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