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Christmas in July Celebration

The fireworks were fantastic on Independence Day, so why not continue the celebratory spirit? You can turn July into jam-packed month of fun by adding a Christmas in July celebration on the 25th.  Celebrating Christmas in July is a fabulous way to give the kiddos something different to look forward to, stock up on discounted Christmas supplies, and create a new family tradition that can be passed down for generations. Having a Christmas in July celebration is easy. You can find activities on your own using Pinterest and put a summery spin on them, or use some of the examples we give below.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas Tree, and this is the perfect time to use up old wrapping paper and bows that were left behind last December. Either find an inexpensive fake tree, or find a blow-up palm tree. Let the family express their creative side by taping the old decorations to the Christmas in July Tree until it shines and sparkles. This is also a great opportunity to stock up on discounted Christmas decorations to put on your tree.


You’ll always want to remember your Christmas in July celebration, so set up an area to take pictures with your new Christmas tree. Instead of snow, you can add fake sand and beach balls. For some extra fun family photos, wrap up a pair of matching Christmas pajamas  for everyone in the family to open in the morning and wear for the photos.  Since department stores only sell Christmas pajamas in the winter, you might want to try an online retailer like www.CrazyforBargains.com  that sells them year-round. After your photos have been taken, it’s time to change into your swimsuits and head outside for a snowbubble fight! To make the snowbubbles, fill a baby pool with 3 inches of water, and add three cups of kid-friendly dish detergent like Dawn (have the kids wear swimming goggles for extra protection). Using a battery-operated hand mixer (kept away from little hands!) mix the solution until you have a mountain of bubbles. Once each team has their pool of bubbles, let the snowbubble fight begin! After the bubbles have “melted”, explore your surroundings and try to find a few large pine cones that have fallen from the trees. Bring them inside for the next activity, pine cone Christmas Trees! Spread towels or an old sheet on the kitchen table, and place paper bowls of green paint and paintbrushes out on top. Have everyone paint their pinecone, adding embellishments like glitter and pom-poms for ornaments. You can even pull apart cotton balls to use as snow!  Cover the finished products with a sealing agent like Modge Podge to help make sure your pinecones will last for years, then set them out on the fireplace as wonderful Christmas decorations.  After your celebration is over, you can pack these away to use as decorations come December! As the sun begins to set, gather everyone in the living room in their Christmas pajamas, and serve a delicious round of frozen or chilled winter drinks. You can find a delicious recipe for frozen eggnog on Food.com. Have everyone tell their favorite Christmas story, but put a twist on it by adding summertime themes. For example, instead of Santa Clause coming down the chimney, have him ride up on a jet ski. See if your family can write their very own Christmas in July story, and have the kids draw the illustrations. There’s no better time than July to create new memories with your family because the kids are out of school and the lazy summer days seem to stretch on forever.  This summer, add some more celebrations to your time together and really make it a time they’ll cherish forever. GUEST POST~

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    I just got my Christmas cards at Hallmark yesterday for only 50 cents. I always get my cards for next year after Christmas.

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