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Sorry, no picture today, but all you really have to do to make jello cake is you make yellow cake, let it cool, punch holes with fork, knife.  Then you make jello pour on the cake, put in refrigerator overnight, and then when you’re ready to serve spread some  cool whip on it as you would icing.  POOF!  JELLO CAKE!


img600We had my youngest son’s wedding in our backyard, and here you’ll see Hubby dancing with my Mom, and my sons dancing next to her.  1998

Link up an old picture folks! No rules, other than that.  Have fun!   Sign the linky above and let me come and see your Flash from the Past!  🙂

We’re still going with anything goes at Friendship Friday!

INTERRUPTION HERE:  For a SWF for my friend Cathy!

Batavia fountain

This the Batavia Fountain by our Riverwalk (Fox River). It’s in our downtown area (that’s only about fours blocks long.


So how about this week I ask you to leave a comment on any my reviews.  They are looking mighty bare!  If you leave a comment & tell me you did I’ll come by you & do the same!  Now if you need something different like a follow on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook or just for me to follow you do the same here, and I’ll do the same by you.  Just let me know what it is.  THANKS EVERYONE & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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xd Hugs


  7 Responses to “Recipes, Flashback & Let’s be Friends!”


    I love how that picture captures such a joyous day and moment! You can just feel the happiness oozing from that picture 🙂


    I’m gonna have to add Flashback Friday to the grid on my blog. Do you host this or someone else? What a wonderful occasion to share! Wedding pictures bring back such fond memories, don’t they? Have a funtastic weekend & thanks for joining the SWF family.


      Yes, I host Flashback Friday now. Someone else use to and she took a break. Weddings do bring back some fond memories like my husband dancing with my mother (when he doesn’t know how to dance (he can dance slow). Dave was always behind a guitar. Actually my son divorced this young lady, but I love the picture because of Dave & my Mom dancing isn’t it great? I miss my mom. Cathy what does SWF stand for?


    one of my second cousings had their wedding celebration at her parents home as the garage there was a band one of the tune that was played was by the group,Them “GLORIA”


    I think I will be putting up a Silly Saturday, so I’ll be back later to add it to the linky.

    I can’t tell you how uck it is now being back at home. Spending two months in a lush green area makes me wish for more. Once we got closer to home, we got smoke for the fire in Yosemite. We had no smoke or smog all the way home until we hit California. Gives us the bug to want to move, but we are just stuck here in California. The desert is really looking bleak right now.


    Thanks Marie for the fun party and the invite! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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