Aug 042014


As some of you may know, he has been out of work since last Thanksgiving, but today……….. drum roll please…..  he left to start his new job!  WOO HOO!  The news came last Friday and not only to he get the job we had another call.  Dave’s band folded a few months ago due to lack of gigs, and an old friend of his called him up, and asked him if he would sit in on a band due to lack of a guitar player, and he was hired on, and there’s a gig this weekend.  So I guess you can say he has two jobs in one day!  WOO HOO!  I wanted to share the good news with you!  WOO HOO!




    Congratulations! Men are at their happiest when they are working and providing for their family.


    Hun, I got your email over the weekend about this good news and accidentally deleted it, I think. *blush* Anywho, I’m super duper happy things are looking up for you guys! I know exactly how wonderful this all feels, as we have been in that situation on more than one occasion. God is truly amazing!


      Oh yes, you can bet your sweet patootie that Dave and I gave our thanks on Friday and Sunday! I’m still giving thanks, and still praying that he loves this job. It’s close to home & good pay & he’ll have health insurance. He needs to get that cough of his checked. Thank you my friend, and I see here all my girls have gathered around me in my time of joy and it makes it a much happier occasion. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. PRAISE BE.


    Congrats Dolly. I know how much this means to you and Dave. Especially him want to take care of his family.
    Thank God!!!!


      Yes, Callie! You know how Dave is. He’s been so depressed lately and when those calls came he was so happy so relieved. We even went out to eat Saturday on money we really shouldn’t of spent but he wasn’t worried about it, and the look on his face was worth it. Oh and by the way the band he’s in now is called…. wait for it… LOL….. “We Ain’t Right”! BWahahahahahahaha Now you know they were going to accept Dave before he even got there! LMAO!


    Congrats Marie on your husbands new jobs! Wow 2 in one day! Good luck and I hope it works out!

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