Aug 062014

Hello Summer!


This is one happy camper & so am I! This my friends is my hubby that’s now a member of the working set!

    Yes, last Friday he got a call from a company only ten minutes away and is enjoying working again, and so am I.  It’s second shift & it may take some getting use too, but it’s not bad money & he loves sleeping late!  hehehe ME TOO!  ALL IS WELL AGAIN IN OUR HOUSEHOLD!  HEHEHE

gorgeousI got this the other day and it cracked me up!  I just wanted to share with you because you’re all so HOT because I have nothing, but adorable readers/friends!  🙂

Kayla WW

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  18 Responses to “Happy Summer! WW”


    That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you both. Yay for good things happening in the summer! 🙂


      Oh my I feel so bad Evelyn. I cannot leave a comment on your blog it asks me for the second and third character and I do it, but it won’t take it 🙁 Anyway I followed all your social networks & I’m still trying to figure it out, so bare with me. hugs.


    Congratulations to the working man!


    Congratulations! to hubby on his job you both must be well happy Marie and his picture says it all 😉

    Have a worktastic week & thanks for pirouetting by, but I must warn you not to do anything I would 🙂


    Hi Marie, so happy for your hubby and congrats and wishing him luck on his new job!


    I’m super happy to hear Dave has finally moved back into the working force. I know you guys are all smiles and happy feet these days, right? God is so amazing! That Maxine cartoon is a hoot. It really made me smile. Have a fototastic week, Marie! 😉


    Congratulations with the new job! #ww


    Congrats on the job!


    Hip-hip-hooray! finally a little breathing room. Congrats!!
    Faythe @GMT~


    Congratulations to Dave for persevering through all that was thrown at him! And to you, as well, for sticking by his side and doing your best to help him through 🙂 You both deserve this bit of good luck!!


      Sweetie, do sign my linky on Wednesdays so everyone will take that second look on your Win it Wednesday! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS And hope you are well! DID YOU READ THAT MY PEEPS! Go put your give-aways on Kayla’s linky every Wednesday her button is above ! TANKS! 🙂


    Thank you to all my lovelies here! I wanted to hop around with you today, but I’ll have to do my hopping now. It was just one of those days! 🙁 WHEW!


    Hey Marie, you are making me laugh! That is ok as we all visit many blogs. Yes I would love to share with you on Friday a zucchini bread recipe I have! Enjoy your night and see you Friday.


    I’m a summer girl. I’m going to miss it when it gets cold out.


    that’s wonderful news! congratulations.
    love the cartoon! LOL


    I’m so glad your hubs now have a job. It gives the man peace of mind to take care of his family. *HUGS*


    Congrats to your hubby! My husband just got a new job too. 🙂

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