Aug 202014

Hello Summer!

   So I thought Dave just went out there to pick whatever was ripe and ready… wellllllllllll… guess what happened after that….

That’s in one pickin’!  Dang, he’s good!  bwahahahaha

Zucchini, yellow & red tomatoes & cucumbers!  mmmmm



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  19 Responses to “Happy Summer! WW”


    Sheesh, it looks like you’ve got a bounty there ma’am!
    I bet you’re going to have fun incorporating those into meals 🙂


      You betcha! When you coming over? I have to tell you though I’m getting pretty good at this. I tell my neighbor want some cukes and maters? How about zucchini? I love zucchini bread, but I have yet to learn how to make it. Well, give me that big one and I’ll make you some she says. hehehehe I got it today and it’s delicious. My first friend said well, give me some and I’ll drop some off for you! ooooooooooooo got five mini-loaves out of that one. I still have yet to learn how to make that darn zucchini bread!!! LOL


    I’m still waiting for my garden box, girlfriend!
    I can almost tastea yummy salad


      I didn’t know you could ship something like that. Oh heck, forget that noise just come on over and I’ll put a couple of burgers on the barbie and we’ll have a great ol’ time! Woo Hoo Tasty too! 🙂


    This reminds me, I have some cucumbers I need to use up.
    Thanks for visiting us at KHEL 666.


    LOL well I am sure you will make something very tomatoey and cucumberish heheh!

    Have a vegtastic week & thanks for ploughing by 😉

    PS: Don’t do anything I certainly would 😉


    I love garden fresh veggies, especially tomatoes! I’m happy the local tomatoes are better this year than they have been in the past couple of years. During the Summer months I always look for Grainger County tomatoes. They are kinda famous in these parts for being the best ones. I hope the bounty of good veggies keep it up! Enjoy what’s left of summer. I know your winters are horrible! Happy #WW!


    Oh yum!!!! That all looks relish 🙂
    Thanks for hosting!!


    That’s a great harvest. 🙂 Happy WW. 🙂


    Ooohhh lovely colors of your veggies! Its summer here too in the UK and yet feels like autumn already =P #ww


    Oh, do those look good! Much better haul than what we ever get. Course the hot desert will just suck the life out of our veggies. I have basically given up with trying to grow a garden.


    Hi Marie, aren’t you lucky to have such fresh veggies from the garden! Have a nice day and enjoy the rest of the week.


    I’m going to miss summer. It’s my favorite. We grew a lot of our own this year to. Now we have to process it all.


    AHAHAHA! That’s funny! Love that Farmer Dave harvested so much goodness! 😉

    That settles it! I need to dig a garden for next year! 🙂

    First (Kiddie) Roller Coaster Ride – Team Nagger or Team Little Dude?


    What a great harvest you have going, there is nothing better that fresh cooked and eaten. We just enjoyed some summer squash.


    great harvest!! I’m thinking a salsa, or tomato sauce? yummy!


    Great harvest! We are growing red onions, two kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, garlic chives, rosemary and spicy globe basil! Thanks for linking up on!


    That is quite a haul Dolly!
    I wish I could be as productive at gardening.


    That’s a nice bounty!!!

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