Aug 222014

Bloggers Opp September Cash Giveaway Event Registration

Sweet September Cash Giveaway

Bloggers and small businesses, join our upcoming fantastic cash giveaway event!

This giveaway will be held from September 3rd through the 16th, and you can sign-up until August 30th.


Our giveaways get results!

We’d love for you to join us in the next big giveaway. You’ll increase your social media exposure and offer your readers the chance to win an astounding cash prize!

What’s the prize you ask?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is…

One PayPal cash prize, up to $500.

Additional cash prizes of $50 each will be added if the prize pot exceeds $500.

Exact total cash prize amount will be based on blogger participation. Maximum amount for main prize is $500.

So, now you would like to know “How much does it cost to participate?”  Well, here’s the answer… 

$5 per link, with the exception of Facebook.   Yes, but as you see you can choose from Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Instagram, Bloglovin’ or YouTube.  Isn’t that the greatest?

Facebook links are $15/ea.

The listing order will be determined by the order of sign-up.

Facebook page comment is $25. Hot

One specific Facebook post on your fanpage will be linked from the Rafflecopter each week. Entrants will be instructed to leave a comment on that Facebook post to earn an extra entry into the giveaway.

Now here is complete details about Facebook page comment entry:

The Facebook page comment option will give you a total of two unique Facebook posts which will be linked on the Rafflecopter for extra entries, over the course of the two week giveaway. Once the first week of the giveaway is over, the original link will be removed (entries will remain recorded), and your new link will be put up for the second week.  That simple.

The Facebook posts you are asking for comments on do not have to be about the giveaway, but they must all be family friendly. The pages and posts linked must be approved by Giveaway Promote before they will be added to the giveaway. You will receive additional details on this a few days before the giveaway starts. One Facebook page comment set per page, please.

There’s even a possible cash prize for you!!!

Please say that XmasDolly referred you! Thanks a bunch!

* To qualify for the referral prize, you must refer at least 5 other bloggers and also be participating (with payment received) in the giveaway.  So, come on everyone I need at least five, but more the merrier!  Woo Hoo!  LET’S PARTY!

Just go to Giveaway Promote to sign up! Get lots of traffic!


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    Looks like an interesting event. I’ll have to enter.

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