Aug 302014

SAVORE Electric Pepper Grinder by Ozeri

The Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder combines a new front-side adjustable ceramic grinding switch with a battery powered motor for push-button effortless dispensing of pepper (or salt).  The Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder boasts a celebrated design and an ultra soft fingerprint resistant coating.

So, how about that.  I have never had a pepper grinder although I can remember using one once in a restaurant now that I think about it, but it was a grinding kind where I had to turn the handle, and I believe they had one that you would twist the machine back and forth to grind the peppercorns.  Well, welcome to the future.  All we have to do now is push a button.  Watch this…


So, what do you think?  Am I talking class here or what?  Just think what your guests will think about you when they see that on your dinner table.  They’re probably going to ask you where you got it from, and well, all you have to say is tell them to go to and look up SAVORE Electric Pepper Grinder by Ozeri and they can have there own!!!  That’s it!  Have a great day everyone, and heck I’m going to bring mine to our Labor Day picnic.  Everyone have a wonderful Labor day.  Have fun, and be safe!  HUGS!


xd Hugs

  8 Responses to “Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder Review”


    This looks like an awesome pepper grinder! I just love Ozeri products.


    I never used a pepper grinder before. Thanks for the info!


    I love all Ozeri products. Haven’t got one of those though. Will have to get one for the kitchen. Great review.


    I love fresh ground pepper over the store bought stuff. I’ll have to check it out.


    That’s pretty cool! I love kitchen doo dads, and this one looks exceptionally awesome.


    I love ground pepper. I always feel important when the server grounds my pepper on my meal at a restaurant. ahh the little things in life. lol


    This looks awesome! I’ve never owned one of these before!


    I enjoy adding pepper to dishes and have a grinder that no longer works. Might check out this one.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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