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Music on World off

Welcome aboard our 209th wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Celebration Special!notes
I’m the Conductor on this Musical trip.  Co-Conductors are my buds Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorkedholy cow 092Cathy of  Curious as a Cathy, and our Becca of Everyday Life co-conductor’s on our MUSIC LOVE TRAIN!  APPLAUSE!  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!STEPS:  You Tube,  lock & load!  Grab “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.  SIGN LINKY, Follow US, & leave a Rockin’ comment! Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin’ Bloggers & bring some back with you to join us!  As you may have noticed any link that you see with NO MUSIC you don’t  have to visit if you don’t want too.  We’re here to ROCK & ROLL!  Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” now gets the PRIVILEGE of picking A “THEME” BUT EVERY OTHER WEEK AS IS THE DANCER! FREEBIES REMAIN THE SAME.

Our Spotlight Dancer for today is… Everyone that LABORS~  SO I GUESS WE’RE ALL IN THE SPOTLIGHT!  LET’S BOOGIE~~~~~ So in honor of LABOR DAY, I would like to play this song first….

So, there’s a lot of picnics going on I’m sure so how about… Oh yeah, a stone soul picnic!!! Now I’ve had a song running through my head this week and don’t know why, but I’ll share it with y’all – The Dixie Chicks..

Now what else can I give ya to boogie too… WHO WANTS TO DANCE??? How about a little more for Labor Day – Sam Cooke in “Chain Gang” – But one more for America a country we love so much that I’m really worried, and fear so much that we may be losing her… but when I think like that I think of one song, and it’s the way I feel about all of you… I would stand next to any one of you my friends… every one… LET’S ALL STAND UP AND SING… I wish we could hold hands and SING LADIES… AND GENTLEMEN SING…
animated gifs photo:  Guitarwithmusicalnotesfloatingup.gifDon’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK! 


DAncing girl
This week’s theme is a “FREEBIE”.  I know it’s Labor Day so let me see what I can drum up for you!  ~hehehe~  
treble-clef-highway-300x300Well that’s it my friends out there in Blogland – WHO LUVS YA BABY!!!  Now hop away & see how many more tunes you can find to rock the HOUSE!  Best Music Blogs. Please visit the site and vote for my blog.Also, don’t forget to visit Music Monday for more ROCK & ROLL FUN!

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  17 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    Every now and then, I find myself relating to that first song. I love Stone Soul Picnic and hadn’t heard that one in awhile. Also, The Chain Gang has always been one of my faves. Finally, I’m proud to be an American, too.


    I wasn’t thinking! I should’ve picked “working songs” like you did since it’s Labor Day! “Take this Job and Shove” we’ve all felt like that before, hahaha. And we’d all like a Stone Cold Picnic too tomorrow – wow whatever happened to the 5th Dimension and those Dixie Chicks? Time passes too quickly. Ooooo you have Sam Cook’s Chain Gang, I loved hearing that song again. And ending on a Patriotic touch with Lee Greenwood was brilliant.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day and I’ll be on facebook tomorrow if you wanted take a break and chat. My computer kept freezing up on me today because I keep it on when I’m not actually using it and its getting to old for me to do that any more I guess. I’m just going next door for a plate and coming back home. I need a day off, hahahahaha. Hope the prayer worked and is working. I have some interesting stuff I’ll be sending you via facebook tomorrow so look out for it okay? But in the meantime…

    Happy Labor Day!


    I want to tell you that my first photo below (the color version) is the link to my favorite song on Youtube this week is: Bombay Bicycle Club – Moon
    Check it!


    I enjoyed your choices this week Marie Fifth Dimension always used to give me that feelgood feeling a nice mix 🙂

    Have a gyratingtastic week & thanks for bump n grinding by 🙂

    Psst…and don’t do anything I would 😉


    Yes, a good song for the day of work, I love Sam Cooke!


    You’ve got some great ones here. I love Sam Cooke, that man could sing!


    thank you very much Marie!


    I’ve only fairly literally said “take this job and shove it” once. I was a teenager working at a fast food restaurant, and the manager got under my skin one too many times.
    Jobs were so much easier to find back then. (1980’s.)


    great set of tunes,It has been a while since I heard chain Gang.


    Ooh I love these songs Dolly. I haven’t heard them in such a long time 🙂

    Definitely labor day!

    Hope you are relaxing. *HUGS*


    Such great choices! Take This Job and Shove it holds a special memory of my mom and I singing it every Friday on our way home. Come to think of it, she sure had a lot of passion about it, 😉


    wow I haven’t heard Johnny Paycheck in forever love this song. Now it’s stuck in my head will be singing it all day. Thank you for the dance and the ear worm.


    Great selection… the dixie chicks song is one that I actually have as a ring tone for a certain individual in my life. Sad, but true.


    Now I feel like listening to my Dixie Chicks album. I miss them.


    Howdy! Hope your Labor Day worked out well for you and the hubby. It was just a basic normal day for us. I was hoping to get more work done since I basically took off last week, but the computer crashed on me three times today, and each time I lost work and had to start over again. Grrr….

    Hopefully a better night’s sleep I will get tonight. Getting late here in on the Left Coast – 11:30pm! I really have to get to bed earlier. Sorry, I did not link up this week, but I have been so tired.


    I remember Sam Cooke’s Chain Gang. If we still had chain gangs, then maybe crime wouldn’t be so high. Modern prisoners have it too cushy. Great songs to salute the American working class with, my friend, and I’m sure there are a number of folks who would like to say, Take This Job and Shove It! But, this stinking economy Obummer has us in forces many to hang onto the jobs they have. Oh well, Marie as always you picked some fabulous freebie tunes to get us moving this week. Have a tunetastic day!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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