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Smead Products

  • Super Tab Erasable Folder – Special erasable surface on 1/3 tabs make it possible to revise or reuse these file folders. You can write directly on the tab with a permanent marker and easily erase with a standard white eraser. Labeling area is 90% larger than standard file folders.
  • FasTab Hanging Erasable Folder –  Erasable tab surface makes it possible to revise and reuse hanging folders.  Finally my folders won’t look like an erasable mess.  Write directly on the built-in tab with a permanent marker easily erase with a standard white eraser. Hanging File Folder Type: Standard Size: Letter Materials: 11 Pt. Stock Colors, and assorted colors.  Fan-folder-neatastic!
  • Guess my drawer definitely needs a make-over! Don’t ya think? lol So sad!!!

  • Vertical File Folder – Organized Up Vertical File Folders let you file and organize your documents in an upright position in your file drawer just like you print them to read. These super durable, heavyweight water-resistant files withstand extensive use, and boy do mine get use.  I don’t know maybe my experience in the law firm I worked at for 20 yrs. just kind of never left.  ~hehehe~ They’re perfect for desktops, backpacks and file drawers too!  Design includes a dual top, side tabs and a scored front panel and these folders are made with a high percentage of recycled material.  Now that’s cool.  I love the recycled part to do our part for the environment.  Awesome~
  • Step Index Organizer –  Innovative tiered tabs let you see everything at a glance. Clear window makes viewing file contents easy. Durable, embossed poly material resists tear and moisture. Preprinted plus blank tab inserts for easy indexing and customization. Flap and elastic cord closure keep contents secure. Expandable File Folder Type: Elastic Cord Closure Wallet Indexed Size: Letter Width: 13″.  I’m sure Dave will be able to use this one with his band music and have everything at his fingertips at a glance.  Oh yeah, this one will come and real handy, and the others I can give my file drawer a face lift! ~snicker~

So how about that~!  Does your file cabinet drawers need a face lift as bad as mine?  Well, now you can do it with Smead Products.  There is nothing I don’t like about these products and love the erasable part.  Never had that kind before.  These Office Supplies and Promotional Products are the greatest for me.  I totally love to be organized in my office, and hate it when hubby sneaks in looking for something, and messes up my Office stationery is the biggest and down to the small medical supplies I keep in here in case of a paper cut of something like that.  I hate paper cuts!  It’s as bad as slicing yourself with a razor.

Well, I’m off to clean out my file drawer and make it as neat as a pin.  Hope you enjoyed my review, and if you did please leave a comment and tell me what product you can use the most!  Have a great day!

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Disclaimer:  The opinion expressed in this Post is 100% my own and I received one or more of the products mentioned above.  Your experience may differ from mine.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  20 Responses to “Smead Keeping us Organized Review”


    I do quite love anything that helps me stay organized! Especially with 3 different businesses that come with their own separate piles of paperwork >.<


    I love those expandable folders! I tend to use them for everything!


    I could use a few expandable folders. I am going to have to get some.


    Anything that would help us organized is always a pleasure thing to have.


    These are awesome and I love there are reusable. I would love to have a few of these for all my records. Thanks for sharing.


    Stay organized is such a time saver in the long run. Yes, it can take a little longer in the beginning to make sure you start our organized–but it is so worth it in the grand scheme of things.


    Paper organization is my downfall. I really need to get a system that works nicely for me! Have a great week!! 🙂


    I really need to get organized better. This looks like a great solution and I love the erasable part as well


    I always feel better when I am organized. This looks great!


    Thank you, I just came back from Staples and I got those exact folders. I love the upright folders. They fit so neatly in my file drawer, where I keep a copy of my old blog editorial calendars. No more fear of papers falling out the side of the folder. Thanks for the awesome review and products.


    I try to stay as organized as I can in my hectic life. These products look really good. I will have to get some of these.


    I love them! I love organizing! Wait, I think my husband needs them more than I do because he has never been organized and it’s really a pain if you want to see only organized stuff! Argh.


    I need to be more organized. I feel like I sometimes have things under control, but could always use more.


    Thanks for reminding me how unorganized I am. I need this!


    I need to get some folders and start organizing my life, I’m going crazy lol


    Thanks for the review. I could definitely use these, as my filing cabinet is a mess.


    I could really use these to keep everything organized.


    This is exactly what I need! I have so many papers just all over the place. This would help me keep them nice and organized!


    I love everything to be organized. This one looks promising, I hope this one is available here in our country too


    Do like good office stuff like this/

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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