Sep 302014

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Ladies & Gents!

NOW Introducing the biggest, the best, the most  colossal

 “Give-Aways & Reviews ever“!

Applause – Applause!

 Do you want to show them off? Would like to have comments on those REVIEWS?  Well, this is the place!  Just strut your stuff here, and maybe you could leave a comment below while you’re at it. 🙂

Sign our Linky below so we all can see, and then everyone will know besides you and me. The title and ending date is all you really need and of course a link directly to your Give-Away or Review for super speed!
Now, kindly say Give-Away or Review so we will know exactly what to do & a little comment for my trouble, and I’ll try to get to some of you on the double!

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  32 Responses to “Show Off Tuesdays! Give-Aways & Reviews!”


    Yay for more giveaways to enter! Thank you so much for the great linky 🙂

    Everyone is welcome to link up on my ongoing giveaway linky as well:


    Awesome linky! This is a great way to get exposure and find new followers – plus great product reviews and giveaways. 🙂


    Hey Hon, With getting my daughter’s old laptop going, I don’t have my usual photo software that I have been using. I have been learning how to use Photoshop. My daughter just rattles on about how easy it is, and she goes a bit too fast for me. Photoshop has always been a bit weird to me, but I am getting the hang of it.

    It sure is nice to be on a computer that does stick every 5 seconds, but I have to get used to typing on a laptop. My wrist keeps hitting the mousepad and the text goes somewhere else. Ho hum.


    Thanks so much for hosting this. I actually have a few things to come back and link up later 😉


    You have pooled a lot of giveaways here. I’m sure your readers would join a lot of this giveaways.


    This is such a great idea. They all look like great giveaways.


    So many great giveaways! I haven’t run one of my own in a while, but maybe it’s time 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


    What a fantastic listing of giveaways and reviews! This is awesome!


    Thanks for the link up!



    Thank you for sharing this list. I will have to check out some of these Giveaways and enter a few. I have yet to win anything but maybe it’s my lucky day!


    This is a great collection of giveaways. Thanks for sharing.


    You make me miss mine a little bit. Just a little bit though. 😉


    Thank you for hosting. This is an awesome list of giveaways and reviews.


    This is awesome! I am working on lining up a couple giveaways for October. I will definitely be back to list them here. Great idea 🙂


    Thank you for starting this linky. Great list of giveaways!


    I’m always looking for new linkies, both for entering and adding my giveaways. Thanks for hosting this!


    What a great linky.


    Thank you for offering this linky! So many great blogs to visit!


    i will be having another giveaway this october! will totally link it here!


    It is a great idea to have Show off Tuesday. Love all the giveaways and reviews. Thanks for sharing.


    Linkys work, I know because I use it prior to being a blogger. LOL! I just love how it’s “summarized” for me.


    Thanks for this. I am going to check out the giveaways. I’ll probably leave one of my giveaways too.


    What a great linky! So many to go to!


    Great linky, lots of great contests. I entered a lot of them.


    Well, your site will totally be handy to find giveaways and reviews for the holidays 🙂


    Gret linky! I don’t review much these days except WordPress plugins, but I always like to peruse through a linky to see what’s new out there.


    Great link up! Thanks for hosting!


    Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to do a blog hop for ages and haven’t gotten around to it! Thanks so much for this opportunity 🙂


    I am definitely going to bookmark this! I am joining the others and will put my own linky too. LOL! Thanks!


    Thanks for a great linky. I’ll be back to link up soon.


    What an awesome linky, I’m going to add mine!

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