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So it’s supposed to get down in the 50’s and I got the perfect thing to warm you up.  CHILI!!!

Link up an old pic folks! No rules, other than that.   Sign the linky & let me come & see your Flash from the Past & your Recipes!   Here’s mine!  

This is my brother who we called Junior & my father’s mother who we called Big Gramma because she was taller than my mom’s mom and the little ham on the right… yep, that’s me. Yep, it was Halloween… 1956

We’re still going with anything goes at Friendship Friday and I’ve been putting up old cartoons. I hope you’re enjoying them. 🙂 This one is Betty Boop in “Poor Cinderella”!

So how about this week I ask you to leave a comment on any my reviews.  They are looking mighty bare!  If you leave a comment & tell me you did I’ll come by you & do the same!  Now if you need something different like a follow on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook or just for me to follow you do the same here, and I’ll do the same by you.  Just let me know what it is.  THANKS EVERYONE & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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  26 Responses to “Recipes, Blast from the Past & Let’s be Friends!”


    It’s great that you still keep some of your pictures back then. OMG, it’s in black and white! 🙂


    I love the old pictures and that chili recipe looks amazing. I’ll have to try it out!


    I love the old photos. It’s always fun to look back 🙂


    now that looked awesome… its nice to check back on back photos each time.


    Thanks for the party and enjoy your weekend. I love all of your old photos too.


    Thanks for hosting, have a great weekend!!!


    Great photo and cute outfit! wow I don`t recall ever seeing Betty Boop in colour so I had no clue that she had red hair.


    Homemade chili is one of my husband’s favorites. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Your blog is making me excited for Christmas!


    The photos are great I always enjoy old photos. I love Chili especially when it is cold out.


    Thanks so much for letting me link up! Much appreciated 😉

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!


    Chili is my favorite thing to make! It’s just so easy, and so yummy too.


    Chili is one of my favorite dishes to make when the weather turns colder. There are so many different ways to make it you can keep switching up your recipe.


    You Look Adorable Will Have To Try The Chili Thank You Have A Great Weekend!!


    You always have such great pics. I love black and white photos.


    I can’t think of what to include in the linky. I should have one somewhere but I have to find it. 😀 I’ll come back here when I do. Thanks for doing this hop.


    Love looking at older photos. My grandma has a small suitcase full from when my dad was little. Her wedding photos are pretty amazing too.


    I enjoy looking at old photos, each time I feel like I find another hidden explanation of the person my ancestors were.


    I love your pictures. It is nice to remember the good old days. It is funny how our kids laugh at the styles from back them. Anyway you put in your chili basically what I put in mine. Love it and thanks for sharing.


    I love looking back at old photos. Very cute.


    i am in love with black and white pictures. those ones from back in the day rock! very cool that you still had them.


    Who doesn’t love a good bowl of chili, especially on a cold, Winter day? Now THAT’S comfort food! I tried adding all 3 of my recipes but I can only do 1 at a time so until next week! 🙂


    That is one adorable Halloween picture!


    I love flashbacks like this! Food brings so many memories of the loved ones and the moments you spend with them 🙂


    I love looking at old photos, I always remember some fun times we had back then. You looked adorable in your polka dots dress!


    I love the older pictures! It’s so nice to have pictures like that!


    I love chili! It is seriously so amazing! My sister-in-law makes some of the most amazing chili! I want some now! Hahaha! Thank you so much for sharing!! Loved the old photo!!!

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