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Is your back mad or frustrated because of any discomfort, fatigue or pain it experiences?  Well my friends as many of you know I have Spinal Stenosis, and have two back operations.  The first one was NOT a success and a lot of scar tissue was left behind including two screws and a plate, which I’m not too happy about.  After countless shots of steroids for three yrs., and therapy, reading every book, and much research on the back, and to tell you the truth my back wasn’t in pain… it was pissed!

Countless books and articles have been written on spinal health and back pain you would not believe how many.  I went to the library and they had an entire aisle dedicated to the back alone not to mention countless medical progresses have been made in spinal health and back pain treatment alone. So why then do you think back pain and spinal issues still remain pervasive and is even on the rise in North America? Why is the back and spinal health of an average American declining?  These questions are always asked.

This book that I just finished reading (and I will be reading it again it is that interesting to me), totally aims to help break through this dilemma and help sufferers reduce, relieve and prevent back and spinal problems easily and effectively is what it says, but having the problem yes, I was skeptical… very skeptical… and I still am skeptical…  did I tell you that I was a bit skeptical about the book?

Now this book has been written from a third-party and holistic perspective and is discipline neutral, but a person that actually has the pain is reading it, and I’m telling you that the back pain is a complex issue.  Take it from me that no one healthcare discipline has all the answers. It deserves and demands a multidisciplinary view and approach by both parties.  The healthcare discipline, and the person in pain, and then compare your notes.  Then again every person with the problem does not have the same symptoms so how do you help solve this problem? First you get this book and read it cover to cover, and if you don’t get it read it again.

This book is the result of an exhaustive comprehensive holistic research. It aims to break down the silo views and approaches. It helps you better understand the landscape of the back and spinal health care options. It is not written to promote any particular discipline of healthcare or recycle standard text information in the least.  Personally I think this writer and researcher was entirely for the person with the problem and nothing else.

The sufferer of back issues needs to reclaim their life!  Just yesterday a friend of mine that has very similar issues as myself said, “Did you ever wake up one morning and said to yourself that you just didn’t want to go through another day of pain”?  This book has been written to provide the sufferer with the information and insight that matters to them as if the book was talking to you personally.  I had to pick my head up from this book and look around to make sure I was alone at times because I felt like the author new me and was just talking to me, and I’m thinking to myself get out of my head!  Sheesh!

In this book you’ll discover that the author has hit on every question you ever had in your head about back pain.  For example –

  • Why you may be continuing injuring your back unknowingly.
  • Why your current approach to your back problems may be hurting you more.
  • Critical back mechanisms you can learn to regain [enjoy] a pain free back.
  • Right care for your back condition.
  • Six secret habits you can build for a healthy pain free back.
  • 35 back misconceptions you can overcome for your future well being, and;
  • so many more secret insights that you must know to keep your back and spine strong.

I found out about this book, and I couldn’t wait to read it.  I have read and tried everything.  Back surgery with 2 screws and a plate.  Physical Therapy for three years. Many doctors, neurologists, MRI’s, tests, therapists, and it still continues with another surgery and more therapy, steroid shots and cortisone shots.  Read this book only if you want to broaden your incite on what’s really going on in your body.  Only if you want to know things that you can’t find in other books.  Only if you want to take control of your body, and only if you want to actively take your own responsibilities and initiatives to control the destiny of your back and spine.

You must be ready for this change in your life, and you must keep an open mind for the new understanding, views, and new life that you may need to change too.  If you want all that then read this book.  If you have back & spine pain.  Read this book.  If your back, spine and your pain controls your life then READ THIS BOOK!

Patrick LeeNow meet Mr. Patrick Lee, author of this book, a Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher, and has worked with over 2000 licensed back pain specialists from around the world, in helping improve their patient care and promoting spinal health for their patients.  Having received his Master’s degrees in Germany and the Netherlands, and as a member of the Association of German Engineers he has worked and lived in five countries.  His publications and speeches have been praised on four continents, and he is willing to give one of my readers a copy of his book, and all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.  Mr. Lee I would like to thank you personally for the honor of reviewing your book, and the new light it has shed on my own life.


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    I don’t have back pain, but my 92 year old grandmother does. Perhaps this book will help her.

    I gave you Klout on Aurora today. Do you know Sleeping Beauty?

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