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This is just an appetizer, but I love it!  Hmmm I don’t even know what you call it.  Oh well, have a look see! 🙂

Link up an old pic folks! No rules, other than that.   Sign the linky & let me come & see your Flash from the Past & your Recipes!   Here’s mine!  
Familia_cropFrom left to right my mom’s sister (half a face), my dad’s mom, dad’s sister & her two sons next to her & standing in the back is my NaNa & Mom next to her Mom.  The one on the far right with a glass in her mouth is my Mom’s youngest sister.  1951 (approximately).

img252This is my Mom & that’s our 1954 Plymouth the pic was taken in 1955.

We’re still going with anything goes at Friendship Friday and I’ve been putting up old cartoons. I hope you’re enjoying them. 🙂

So how about this week I ask you to leave a comment on any my reviews.  They are looking mighty bare!  If you leave a comment & tell me you did I’ll come by you & do the same!  Now if you need something different like a follow on Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook or just for me to follow you do the same here, and I’ll do the same by you.  Just let me know what it is.  THANKS EVERYONE & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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  22 Responses to “Recipes, Blast from the Past & Let’s be Friends!”


    How’s your little great grandson doing, Great Na-na? It must be so thrilling to be a great grandmother. Just being a grandmother for me is so wonderful. You are surely blessed!


    Hope you have a nice fall weekend Marie!


    Awww, look at that great old photo. Happy memories for sure.


    I love old pics!! Thank u for sharing!


    Old black and white photos are my absolute favorite. I just love these!


    Love the inclusion of personal stories in the blast from the past! That looked pretty tasty and easy to make!


    I like the picture of the old car.. i love old cars..


    This is a super fun hop! I love family recipes and looking at old pictures. Cute!


    What great memories. I love old photos and cars I love the picture of the Plymouth.


    Short week for recipes! Get em out there folks, we’re hungry!


    My family takes pride in recipes that are “family secrets” and are passed on from one generation to another. PS. I love your B&W photo and my family doesn’t have much of it – boo.


    It’s nice to see old photos, my mom loves to cook in her own recipes that we don’t know the secret ingredients. I love the photos B & W is one of the best, brings back so many memories.


    I think I could use some of the recipes in the linky. Thanks. Btw, nice old photograph. 🙂 Black and white. 🙂


    I love family photos and recipes. My mom always made a top secret fudge and pinoche at Christmas time that I love. No one gets the recipe!


    That’s a fun picture, I love the old black and whites. I remember pre-digital days too…there were always pictures that had someone’s head not centered, or something like that… 🙂


    Thanks for sharing pictures from your past. I love looking back on pictures that I haven’t seen for awhile. I’m thinking of going through some of mine later today.


    I always love looking at old photos. It is fun to take a older recipe and add some new flare to it.


    I love looking at older photos and remembering what happened. That or going through my parents’ old albums and imagining the times they had.


    Love looking through older photos. Thanks for sharing.


    I love looking at old photos! Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂


    I love old photos and how ladies always dressed to the 9’s. Cool idea for a linky.


    I just love these pictures. Looks like a really great recipe.

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