Oct 292014


summer's over

Pumpkin Man!!!

Oh do you know the Pumpkin Man, the Pumpkin Man, the Pumpkin Man. Oh do you know the Pumpkin Man that lives in Drury Lane!!! hahaha This is my Pumpkin Baby Angelo!


 Stacy Uncorked
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  8 Responses to “Happy Fall! WW”


    It’s quite mild here in London for this time of year but when It’s like this winter usually hits us with a vengeance brrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Have a spookytastic week and …………….I would do 🙂


    Autumn is bittersweet! Goodbye to summer that I so love and hello cold weather that I dont like at all. But I love the colors. MAkes up for the cold weather =)


    What a cute little pumpkin’ 🙂


    I love that fall tree and the your little pumpkin Marie. Have a nice day and Halloween!


    Keep an eye on the cute lil’ pumpkin man so no one gobbles him up with kisses!
    I tried leaving a comment last night from my phone, but dummies like me should never use a smart phone! LOL! hugs, Faythe


    At this age, don’t they have the cutest smiles! I would love to hold my little granddaughter again.


      Yes, they do. Only thing is they live an hour & a half away now, and I don’t get to see him very often because nobody wants to take the ride and now they’re muffler fell off and no money to replace it. So all I get is pictures. 🙁


    Thanks for hosting I didnt get to finish my WW this week and wanted to stop by. Would love to have you share any ink on y Weekends Linky Party. Wishing you a great week!!!

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