Oct 302014
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Demons are they in our dreams or are they real?
A demon is a dark powerful visitor from another realm. True. A demon inside a dream is an imaginary construct that vanishes upon waking. True? Kip Livingston will tell you, false. Kip lives in Abasteron House and is a painter among the most talented of artists with an inspired imagination. She knows the truth because each night a winged creature with bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged out invades her dreams. Even after she struggles to bolt awake, the dream remains a haunting dark master, breaking into her physical reality.

Kip turns to an exiled priest Raymond Kera who falls for her seductive charms. Raymond discovers that Kip’s night sea journey is a descent into the land of ghosts somewhere beyond consciousness, and he is compelled to enter her world to save her. Or will Kip have to save herself from the night demon?
This is Marie of XmasDolly’s and I am working/posting on behalf of Paula Cappa and Away We Go Media.

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    Ooh, sounds like a great read for Halloween. Sounds like something that will give me nightmares.

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