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Arthropet for dog joint health

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  • Dietary Supplement
  • Healthy Skin
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ArthroPet is an innovative formula that provides chicken cartilage (a natural source of collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid), Plus MSM, CMO, and Manganese. ArthroPet is a safe and effective natural food supplement.

Our Baby (Black Lab – Baby is her name) will be 12 yrs. old October 27th.  She has arthritis pretty bad in her hips and back legs.  We love our baby and really don’t want her in any pain, so I’ve decided to try her on Arthro Pet, and I’ve noticed she is getting up a lot easier, and taking the porch steps easier.  She hops with her back legs, but there haven’t been any misses lately either.  I’m so happy to see this.

As you can see they’re little white pills and she won’t take them by themselves so I usually stuff them in a piece of hot dog or grind them to powder and sprinkle on her food .  The hot dog is usually the best way to make sure she has the whole pill.  ArthroPet thank you for making “Baby” feel so much better, and I’m happy that there is something out there that really works.  Believe me I was skeptical at first to be quite honest with you, but something that works for my dog may not work for others.  I know that for the size of my dog it does take two a day for her.

DSC06632Tatyanna has a pill in the other hand inside a treat!

I believe you all know that in five more days “Baby” is going to be “12” yrs. old, and if you multiply that by seven in dog yrs. it’s 12, but in people yrs. it’s 84 yrs. old.  So she’s really getting old and she already has severe arthritis in her hind legs.  Black Labs life span usually is in the area of 12 yrs., but I had one (Cleo if you remember) she was 17 when we had to put her down, and the Vet was amazed, but she said it was because she was well taken care of, but mostly well loved.   She was like a member of our family as is Baby.

DSC07281Baby loves to be outside,  but to go up the stairs she hops with her hind legs to get where she’s going do to the pain from her arthritis in her hips, and every few months, she has to get anti-inflammatory and pain meds from the vet. Unfortunately, they really don’t do much. She has trouble sometimes changing positions from lying to standing depending how long she has been laying down.  So when I was presented with the opportunity to try ArthroPet, I wanted to try it right away!

 AthroPet is a food supplement for pets made by Neocell. It is made with chicken cartilage (a natural source of collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid), MSM, CMO, and manganese and can help promote healthy joints and skin.  Arthropet is packaged as a bottle of 60 “wafers” – which are really large tablets. Dogs under 50 lbs. take 1 tablet per day, while those over 50 lbs. take 2 tablets per day. It should be given 20 minutes before the morning feeding. It can be purchased at iherb.com for $23.41/bottle (free shipping over $20). Riley weighs about 40 lbs., so he only needs one tablet per day – which means the cost is about $.40 per day! The meds from my vet (who charges a lot less than most vets) cost between $1 – $1.70 per day.  After just a couple of weeks of taking two ArthroPet tablet per day (morning & night), we could see a difference in Baby’s behavior especially going up and down the stairs and she’s more playful.

I don’t know if it will work for every dog, but it has definitely improved Baby’s playfulness  and ya know she’s not sleeping so much either.  The cost is minimal and she actually likes taking it. I’m only sorry I didn’t know about this sooner!  So if you have an older pet Baby says help them out by trying ArthroPet and it’s yummy too!

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– See more at: http://www.enjoytheviewblog.com/2014/05/productreviewgiveawayarthropet.html#sthash.tNdWe40h.dpuf

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