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Demons are they in our dreams or are they real?
A demon is a dark powerful visitor from another realm. True. A demon inside a dream is an imaginary construct that vanishes upon waking. True? Kip Livingston will tell you, false. Kip lives in Abasteron House and is a painter among the most talented of artists with an inspired imagination. She knows the truth because each night a winged creature with bone and muscle and greedy teeth plunged out invades her dreams and the fear swells within her.  Even after she struggles to awake, the dream remains within a haunting dark keeper, breaking into her physical reality making her realize something had to be done.  As she searches her mind for the need of help, she turns to exiled priest Raymond Kera, who falls for her seductive charms. Can he save her from this dream demon who captures her in the night and invades her day?  Or will she have to save herself?
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Kip turns to an exiled priest Raymond Kera who falls for her seductive charms. Raymond discovers that Kip’s night sea journey is a descent into the land of ghosts somewhere beyond consciousness, and he is compelled to enter her world to save her. Or will Kip have to save herself from the night demon?  Closer and closer… deeper and deeper into the night…  this is real… this is not a dream!   Does she dare listen to the night air and try to hear the words that aren’t there?  Try to reach out for help and no one is there?

The author to me had a way to turn a suspense story into realty almost, and she brought out another realm… “Dreams”.  Only thing is many people believe that dreams mean something almost telling the future or sort of another reality.  It’s not that bad until you step beyond your own reality, and try to cope, and Kip did just that.  Kappa has a way with her words in speaking pictorially, and drawing you in to listen to a story without words, but to listen to a song with no notes.  Lucifer, and Lucifera are characters I personally would not want to write about nor read, but she brought around such characters for you to believe their existence.  I felt my blood running cold, and goosebumps in the back of my neck, and truly if you want a suspenseful supernatural horror story to read this is truly the one, but if you have a wild imagination…..  I’d think twice!!!
Would you like to read this story for yourself?  I have a Kindle version that you can win, and enter right now… GOOD LUCK to all and be careful when you fall asleep…  you may wake up in a dream!
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