Nov 272014

Happy Thanksgiving.

May all of your wishes come true and have Love, Happiness, Health throughout your days!

From my home to yours…


I pray for Peace and Forgiveness and Love among men!

I’m so thankful for my children and of course three out of four isn’t bad, huh?  There’s always that black sheep in the family anyway!  My oldest daughter Tricia who has always helped me to feel alive when she was born, who gives me unconditional love, who always makes me smile, and who when I look in her eyes I can see that little baby/lil’ girl who use to look up to me, and say, “My Mommy, I love you”!  My oldest son, Tony.  Who I use to say, “Give me some baby” and he’d lift up his shirt and giggle and run away, and I’d catch him and give him blurbs on his belly and when he was little just a few weeks old I’d put him on the bed next to me and he would cuddle up against my chest where the warmth was so we called him “Cuddles” for the longest time, and then…  well, then was my youngest who was a preemie 3lbs. 2 oz and is now a Mommy herself and nurse.  Who came home from the hospital looking like a squirrel and then one month later blossomed to a beautiful chubby baby!  I’m so thankful for all my babies and thankful for my ten grandbabies and now one great grandbaby and most of all I’m thankful for my husband who has renewed my life and gives me unconditional love because he wants to not because he has too and makes me so very happy!  I never thought I would ever be this happy, and above all I am thankful for the Lord’s love who has given all this to me His child!


I’m so happy to be accepted, and called friend in the blogging community family!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family

our family 2


Thanks for the lovely comment!

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